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    [​IMG] Here is a picture of our the chicken coop and chicken run.

    [​IMG] Side view of our chicken run. We used hardware cloth (much stronger then chicken wire) on the chicken run and the entry door. My husband also split pieces of the willow tree that was cut up last fall around the perimeter of the chicken run as an added measure of protection.

    [​IMG] Corner view of the chicken run. Chicken run was constructed with 2" x 4"s and strapping. Hardware cloth was stapled to the 2" x 4"s then the strapping was placed over where the hardware cloth was stapled to provide a finished look.
    [​IMG] Perches that were constructed with tree limbs that fell last fall (2013). Tree limbs were hand picked, cut, and fastened underneath where the top part of the perch. Play sand was added at the bottom of the perch. We also built a pen to separate the new birds from the bigger birds underneath the perch. The back wall measurements are 8' x 3' and the side perch is 3' x 2'.

    [​IMG] First day of introducing the new chickens to their new home. We used concrete blocks to raise up the food and the water to prevent fouling.

    [​IMG] Rhode Island Red walking on the ladder to the perch. The ladder was constructed of a tree limb and smaller limbs that were cut in half. The smaller limbs were fastened to the larger limb with 2" deck screws.
    [​IMG] We use a thick layer of pine shavings on the floor of the coop. We purchased cheap laminate floor to cover the painted 3"4" OSB floor.

    [​IMG] Nest box was constructed with 3/8" OSB. The nest box is mounted on top of painted 2" x 4"s that were scrap pieces from constructing the chicken coop and run. Overall dimensions of the nest box is 4' x 1'. The four nest boxes were filled with new pine shavings and fake eggs were placed inside of each nest box.

    [​IMG] A Rhode Island Red layer our first egg at 16 weeks.

    [​IMG] Our very first egg.

    [​IMG] Our chickens outside in the chicken run. We used parts of the willow tree to create places for the chicken to sit and stand.

    [​IMG] We also added small rocks as another feature for the inside of the chicken run.

    [​IMG]Overall size of the chicken run is 18' long x 16' wide. Plenty of room for our feathered friends.
    [​IMG] Chickens inspecting the dust bath container.

    [​IMG] Our chickens eating food from the 20 pound feeder for the first time.

    [​IMG] Our resin chicken in the corner of our chicken run. We are decorating the exterior of the chicken run with colorful and ornate decorations. This is the only rooster that we have:)

    [​IMG] Picture of the raised floor. Standard cement blocks were used to raise and level the area for the chicken coop. Floor was also insulated to provide a barrier from the cold in the winter time.

    [​IMG] Back wall is up. The overall height of the back wall is 6' tall.

    [​IMG] Front and side walls up. Room was left for a standard 36" exterior entry door and 48" x 18" window. Overall height of the front wall is 8'.

    [​IMG] Side wall framed in. Overall height is 6' with two evenly space windows (basement windows 32" x 14") and the chicken coop entry door for the chickens (14" x 12').

    [​IMG] Roof rafters installed that is cribbed for added strength for structural integrity for snow loading purposes. Roof was sheathed with 3/4" OSB, tar paper installed, and metal roof fastened, and insulated for the winter time.

    [​IMG] Side view of the framed chicken coop.

    [​IMG] 5/8" T1-11 side started to be installed on the chicken coop.

    [​IMG] T1-11 siding was installed first then the window and chicken entry door was cut for installation of the windows and door.

    [​IMG] T1-11 siding installed on the front and the side of the chicken coop.

    [​IMG] Doors, windows, vent, exterior light, chicken door, and vent installed on the chicken coop.

    [​IMG] Front view of the chicken coop.

    [​IMG] Chicken coop entry door.

    Material List:

    60 2" x 4" x 8"
    3 bundles 8' strapping (total 30 pieces)
    6 sheets 3/4" OSB (floor and roof sheathing)
    12 sheets 3/8" OSB (for interior walls and shelves)
    10 sheets TI-11 Siding (5/8")
    2 12' PT 2" x 6"
    8 8' PT 2" x 6"
    3 windows
    1 exterior 36" door
    2 screen doors
    4 ceramic lights
    1 exterior light
    1 flood light
    3 vents
    1 roll insulation floor roof silver thin stuff
    2 rolls of insulation
    2 outlets
    2 roll of foiled insulation for roof and floor
    6 sheets of corrugated metal roof (16' x 3')
    2 boxes of 3 1/2" deck screws
    2 boxes of 2" deck screws
    2 stair stringers
    5 gallons of exterior flat paint
    5 gallons of exterior red paint
    4 pieces of 1" x 6" x 10" (trim)
    6 pieces of 1" x 4" x 10" (trim)
    7 rolls of hardware cloth
    Electrical wire with staples
    Various hardware (2 stringer hangers for stairs, 10 hurricane ties for roof rafters door hardware )
    12 cement blocks
    8 pieces of 2 by 4 by 16 coop roof
    3 PT 2 by 8 by 18 for coop wall base
    Total for build: Still ongoing.... rough estimate is $2300.00.

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    Thank you so much I looked at a lot of different chicken coop ideas and then I put my own spin on my coop and run to decide what the best way to organize the space so there was plenty of room for my 33 girls they love it and so do we thank you so much
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    I'm going to show hubby your coop and run and hopefully I will get something this nice. I love the area where you separate new or young chickens... Brilliant plan and I really liked the fact that you put the comfort and security of your chickens first. Thanks for sharing and the step by step pictures.
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    price is still on going but a lot lol

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