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    The Hens’ Midwife©
    Our 2012 Silkies are ready for your Coop!

    These silkie babies are growing up quick! They are hand-raised, fluffy second generation chicks (pullets and cockerels and adults) free from Marek's and other 'ickies' and are waiting for YOU!! Please call and reserve yours!

    COLORS: Blue, Lavender, Buff, Black, Splash, White, Partridge
    Boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen Silkies – mix and match!

    New to raising chickens? Coop and poultry care consultations available

    The Hens' Midwife(c) is in association with Humms and Nickers(c) Fiber, photo and animal retirement sanctuary. We donate 10% of net proceeds to animal rescue organizations.'

    Phone: 800-638-4135 · E-mail: [email protected]

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  1. Burnsie9999
    I was out in Hardwick Mass and came across The Hens Midwife posted on the bulletin board. Are you this person? if so I am local and would like some more info on your silkies. We are new to chickens. We have 6 bantams right now. 3 of which are silkies the other 3 are unknown. We got them from Tractor supply. The reason we got chickens was because my daughter has joined 4H and we wanted her to show them. I have just been informed that this may not be possible with the chickens from Tractor supply. Do you have any silkies that are show quality? Also we don't know if we have girls or boys so we know we would like some girls. Any help and info you have would be great.. Thank you
    I've been a guest of BYCs for quite awhile, but am a new member! Please let me know if this member page is correct or if there are any questions or comments about silkies and hatching eggs!

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