The Insde Of The Chicken Ranch

By cowgurlchick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. cowgurlchick
    This is the inside of "The Chicken Ranch" "El Rancho De Pollo" A Three Bedroom Ranch coup. This Bedroom is the smallest and will be for baby poultry.
    This is the second "Bedroom" Banties live here.
    This is the Third adn Largest Bedroom looking in from the "Banty Room" where the big girls will live.

    I did all the construction on my own or with one of my girls helping me. I used branches from a tree we had to cut down to move the storage building for pearches in the roost areas, supported by some 1x2's. So the little shrub tree did not die in vain. I did buy lumber - I bought the discounted stuff and new wire. I got really lucky and a neighbor gave me a 10 hole commercial nest box!!! Antique!!! I have to refurbish it with new floor pans and roosts.

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