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The Ithake Flock - A First-Time Adventure...

By uzisuzuki, Jun 11, 2015 | Updated: Oct 19, 2015 | | |
  1. uzisuzuki

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  1. uzisuzuki
    @sssharon While I do like the purebreeds very much, the 2 mixes are definitely my favourites as far as looks go right now. Still waiting to see what personality traits they picked up from their parents.

    @Handyhens That partial crest was a hope but I wasn't sure if it would happen or not. Very surprised when one day, Memnoch & Mercury had tiny mohawks!

    Thanks to everyone leaving the kind comments. As a chicken newbie, it's nice to hear my hard work, research & asking questions on the boards have turned out good results. I appreciate everyone here that's been more than willing to offer help & advice.
  2. Free as a Bird
    What beautiful chickens and great pictures!
  3. Handyhens
    WOW! Great flock! Memnoch caught my attention. I love how he sorta has half a comb and half a crest. Really cool!
  4. TwoCrows
  5. N F C
    Beautiful chickens, I especially like the mix of the Sebright and the GLP.
  6. sssharon
    Your chicks are just beautiful, makes me think about getting some purebred eggs instead of hatching my own little mutts,not that they're not cute also.
  7. COChix
    Cute story Uzi, amazing pictures of your flock. It is so rewarding to come full circle with your flock, isn't it? I know I have enjoyed seeing ours grow from chicks last year to know having chicks by them. Animals are amazing creatures they often times seem to understand us better than people. So glad Ody came into your life and brought to us here on BYC and the Colorado Thread!
  8. Ballerina Bird
    Wow, this has it all -- a moving story of healing, a sheaf of wonderful literary names, and gorgeous pictures! Loved it.
  9. uzisuzuki
    Thanks very much, everyone! @CherriesBrood I can't claim to know anything about chickens, but after $50k in student loan debt for art school, I can say I know how to set up a picture.
  10. MarcoPollo
    Amazing how a stray Sebright started this wonderful flock! I enjoyed reading this and seeing the pictures :)

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