The Life Of A New Hampshire Hen

By The Angry Hen · Apr 24, 2017 · ·
  1. The Angry Hen
    The Life Of A New Hampshire Hen

    Once upon a time...
    There was a Delaware Dorking rooster that bred with a New Hampshire hen.
    In the flock, there were a Buff Orpington , 2 NH, 2 Black Australorp's and the rooster.
    The Buff passed away.
    The only hen that went broody was a BA.
    She was broody for too long. My Dad and I were starting to think...
    Was the rooster fertile? So, we ordered eggs.

    A day or two passed...
    I heard chirping, I run up to the top of the barn.
    I saw a yellow ball of fluff, hopping around.

    Not an hour after we saw it another Black Australorp pecked it's foot.
    We nursed it and put it back with it's mother.
    Thanks to God, the chicken is our best egg layer and here with us today...

    Not long after the mother hen was protecting the NH/DEL/DORK.
    The mother hen had to care for the chick,
    She broke broodiness.

    I bet your asking "Why didn't other eggs hatch?"
    Well, after the baby hatched the mother broke eggs for food.

    We candled the cold eggs...

    "Chirp, Chirp"
    We rushed into the house and got a shoe box,
    the hen that hatched in my bed room was from the hatchery's eggs.

    Nobody will get along with her,
    She lives in a large rabbit cage...
    Sometimes it looks like she doesn't want friends...
    She lives by the Guinea Fowl.

    The End.

    True story!

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