Hello I'm the lone rhubarb and I love chickens! I have around 17 now, I need to count them though.
Right now the birdies are in a bit of a lull, so I have threatened them that they will lose their heads (literally) if they don't
start laying more!!! Wow so I'm really exited to be chicken blogging one of my friends told me about this sight and I joined!
I have 6 rhode island red hens, 6 plymouth barred rock hens (and one rooster his name is bud), 16 Buff Orpington chicks,
3 "auracauna" hens that I just found out are easter eggers (but I still love them), and one noisey guinea who is undecently ugly.

Today I have a joke:
Why did mozart sell all his chickens???
Because they kept saying "Bach"!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!
My barn:
Super Saver!!! (isn't he pretty?)