The Lopez Coop

By micheleag2010 · Jun 2, 2014 ·
  1. micheleag2010
    We live in Lubbock, TX and have a flock of 4. We have 3 Polish crosses and 1 Bantam cross. They are super attached to each other. We got them after an elementary school hatched them. They were the only 4 to survive. We have a coop set up to house 16 but want to make sure we know how to properly take care of a healthy flock before we get more birds. They are growing like crazy. We got them when they were 3 weeks old on March 27th. So that puts them about 14 weeks old. We know the Bantam cross is a rooster but still waiting to see what the other 3 are.

    Left to Right: Delroy (Bantam cross), April, Clementine (Polish Cross)
    Bottom: Batman (female Polish Cross) Kiddos at the school named her.



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