The 1st photo is when the coup was just completed. The secondary pictures were from today. Kind of embarrassed about the mess, but it's cold here so we have to do heavy Spring cleaning after the thaw. It was coated with Linseed Oil to protect the would, Electric was added to accommodate a light and multiple outlets for heat lamps and/or water warmers. And a water spigot was added just outside so I didn't have to carry water all the way from the house. The runs are simple deer fencing with pheasant netting over the top. The coup enhances our property & is just lovely in it's wooded setting next to our long drive, especially when the snowflakes fall. It just looks like a postcard. My husband was kind enough to do this extensive project for me & chicken passion! Hence the name "Love Shack". Not only showing how much he loves me, but also how much I love my birds! In total, I have 3 coups on the property, but this one is by far my favorite.

Thank you!
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