The Love Shack

By debchick · Aug 29, 2012 · ·
  1. debchick
    this is the growing pen for my babies next to the Love Shack

    I have 2 ramps and doors 1 on each side
    2 doors to check on them and for clean out
    oh I think I can do it! trying out the ramp
    vent all around top back
    small roost for now
    piece of drift wood because it makes them feel bigger LOL
    my baby frizzle he's the boss ( my favorite)
    the gang just hanging out
    we also have 2 windows on each end with screen on outside. It's abot 4' by 8'. and 2 windows in front on top.
    thought we only needed one coop but somebody went and got some more babies and I needed another coop.
    sand is coming today to put in the run before the rain comes.

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    Well we decided to get chickens this year so we got all our baby chicks and had the plans for our coop knowing we had about 6 weeks to get it finished. What we didn't know is that we would have over 100 degree weather for 2 months so we were really crunched for time. The chicks are growing and it's to hot to work outside.
    Finally some 90 degree weather and in 4 days we have a coop. Most the lumber came from stacks of extra in the barn. We converted horse stalls into 2 coops. One for hubbies turkeys and my laying hens and one for a growing pen. Only thing we had to buy was a roll of linoleum from Lowes $49.95 and 6 panels of wall sheeting Hoods $11.95 each and a roll of wire to cover outside of windows $22.00. The door was my grama's from her porch I remember it when I was little (always got in trouble for slamming it LOL) it also has a screen insert to pop in for those really hot days. My dad had a couple old windows in his barn. The neighbor gave us some tin for the roof. Didn't take pics building because it was too hot and I'm a wimp when it comes to heat! My grandaughter picked out the colors and believe me we had to paint everything. I love it and the chickens do to. It is varmit proof I inspected every inch. If the coons are coming they better bring a toolbox because it's not gonna be easy getting in. Oh the big coop is about 8' x 10' and growing coop is about 4' x 8'.
    P.S. Anybody ever said to their hubby "do you really need all this stuff in the barn can't we get rid of it"? Well don't that's what built my coop. Ok well here's my pics
    screen on outside so I can keep windows open for breeze

    my grama's door

    oh yes the nesting boxes had to be purple too!

    another window up high for ventalation

    the roosts. underneath a trap door for clean out

    put down linoleum trimmed around edges of floor. using pine shavings and just sweep them out trap door

    here's the front with the nesting boxes recessed to give more room inside
    here's the trap cleanout door
    the other side with another window with screen on outside
    outside of trap door bye bye poo poo
    gotta have a light
    window with screen
    recessed nesting boxes
    the front
    pine shavings over linoleum
    putting sand in the run will be doin that today before the rain
    well this is our coop and growing pen coop thanks to my hubby and hard work and my change of plans and oh look at this picture can we do this! it is done. Now to decorate!

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    "grow coop"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Aug 28, 2018
    Nice work and cheerful colors.


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  1. Sally Sunshine
    love colors too!
  2. Dawna
    Looks great and easy to keep clean!!
  3. debchick
    thanks! told my grandaughter she could pick the color so this is what she got!
  4. Stephnet
    Purple love shack! Love it! Trap door and vinyl flooring are great!
  5. chicksbunsdog
    Looks good and I love the purple - so bright and cheery!

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