The Lovely Holland Coop

By the3littles · May 22, 2013 · ·
  1. the3littles
    Hi All! So this year my hubby and I decided that we were up to raising some backyard chickens. We decided on three little Rhode Island Red Hens. After we got the little chicks at 1 week old, we pondered how/or where we would get our coop. After a couple of weeks, and the growth of our little chicks, we decided we would build our own. I found about a hundred coop designs on pinterest that I loved, so we picked certain features on more than a dozen to make a cozy little home for our three lady friends. It took us about a week to build, stain and move the little girls in.

    The first thing we did was find the area that seemed perfect for their coop, a nice corner that gets shade in the afternoon and sun in the mornings. We leveled the ground and began framing, or I should say my husband began framing.

    Slowly, but surely everyday our coop began to take shape!

    By the end of the week, the nesting boxes, hen house, roof, and chicken wire was up and ready for me to stain!
    I then stained the coop and had to add some flowers.
    Here's the inside of the coop!
    Three little nesting boxes for each little girl!
    Our little girls love the window!

    Overall, I am very happy with our coop! The only thing I would have changed is having more time to build it and stain it. We were pretty rushed to get it completed, as our chicks were growing quickly and needed to be outside! Our total cost in supplies was roughly $600. Which isn't too bad, since we bought all new wood and materials!

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  1. chicksbunsdog
    Beautiful! Now I want to add flowers to my coop!
  2. MiaHudy
    I love it! It is the perfect size for your girls. Tell the hubby it is perfect!
  3. judyki2004
    beautifully done!

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