A shed to coop conversion including sketches, design criteria, list of features and approximate build cost.
By DobieLover · Jul 25, 2019 · ·
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    First, a word about draft free coop construction.

    When it is mentioned that chickens require draft free roosting space in cold weather, that does NOT mean that you should have tight construction with the windows and doors to prevent air leakage. Quite the contrary. Allowing air to leak into the coop around window and door openings is allowing fresh air in while the stale air leaves higher placed vents via the stack effect. Draft free means that the chickens insulating feathers should not be blowing in the wind. Allowing those feathers to move about will allow their body heat to escape to the colder air.

    Windows and doors should be tight enough to prevent predator and rodent entry.

    Installing windows hinged at the top allows them to remain open even in downpours without water getting in the coop.

    I purchased three 100+ year old multi-pane salvage windows and two younger aluminum clad wood, simulated multi-pane windows for my coop and then framed the ROs to fit these windows (after ripping off the rotted portions of wood on the table saw).

    After framing out the ROs, I temporarily screwed in a piece of scrap 1x4 trim where the top trim piece was destined to be installed.

    The window was held flush with the plane of the trim board. I cut and installed 1x2 furring strips all the way around each RO to act as window stops to keep the windows from swinging into the coop and stressing the hinges and screws.

    1/2" hardware cloth was heavily stapled to the coop side of the window stops.

    Although I did save lots of money by using salvaged window, I did not save lots of time. It took many many hours to strip the paint and dry crumbling glazing compound off the windows with a heat gun and paint scraper. And I cracked a few panes of glass. It was impossible to get the panes out of the frames as they were painted in place. BUT, again, this is just a coop and they'll still look great when they were completed.

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    Animal lover and Doberman addict, health and fitness enthusiast, former runner now hiker, once equestrian and showed Western, Chemical Engineer by training and occupation, House Flipper at heart, unhappily retired from it :(. I eat a Paleo diet which led me to wanting chickens for fresh, healthy eggs. After acquiring my flock, I quickly realized that they play a huge roll in stress management.
    I love taking neglected houses and renovating them into someone's home! It is the most rewarding work I've ever done and I loved every aspect of it. So, because I can no longer flip houses, I decided to flip a shed into a coop for me and the chickens!

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  1. Bigbluefrog
    "Nice job!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 8, 2019
    i love the design!

    Wow that is one whopper of a coop and run!

    Thanks for sharing! You must have great woodworking skills.
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    1. DobieLover
      My woodworking skills are far from great but still enjoy doing the work. Thanks for taking the time to read the article.
  2. MROO
    "Wow! Long ... but WELL Worth the Time to Read"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 8, 2019
    Holy Cow! I'ma gonna start some upgrades, now. Thanks for the inspiration ... and the motivation!
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    1. DobieLover
      Yes, but I at least get points for the warning at the beginning of the article...
  3. Major_in_MS
    "Glad I read this before I started building my coop"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 8, 2019
    So many good things to think about in your article and coop. I'll have to give my coop plans a little redesign now to incorporate some of your features.
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    1. DobieLover
      Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad this article was able to help you build a better coop.


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  1. WiseSquirrel
    This looks incredible. beautiful work.
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    1. DobieLover
      Thank you.
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  2. N F C
    Wow Dobie, it's all turned out even better than I was gathering from the Cafe updates!
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    1. DobieLover
      Thanks! I think so too! I really enjoy it.
  3. N F C
    :pop Oooh, a serial story!
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    1. DobieLover
      Did you brew another pot of coffee!!?? Woman, you're going to need it!
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