The Muscovy Ducks

By dianaross77 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. dianaross77
    We are happy to have added two Muscovy ducklings to our gang. We got them at Chickenstock '11 from fellow BYC member theron.
    Shakira at one week(who turned out to be a boy) Now renamed "Flan" Chocolate Pied
    Having some fun outside
    The boys at 6 weeks (the blue drake went back to the breeder's flock)


    The new duck house I built.
    Two very lovely hens added to the flock in September 2011. I bought them from Caprice Acres.
    "Quesadilla" Lilac Pied & "Chimichanga" Black Pied
    Added another hen, Fajita, from Caprice Acres to replace the blue drake.

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