Ok, here they are! the first photos of the new breed of chicken, not yet even recognized by the breeders assn. Everyone knows what a fanatic, chicken lover, peep head, crazy luvin chicken person that I am. I got my new peeps for 2011 about two weeks ago. Then two days later, I ended up with a few more 'new breed' chickens.
Ok, they are obviously not chickens... they are 'CHIUCKS".
Here are the first photos of Huey, Duey, and Louise.




My first time raising ducks. They are Pekins. They have such personalities!!!! Louise is the only girl of the three I think, to soon to tell so I am told. I have two of something and one of something. My husband has grown to really like them, I am glad, because I got them for him.
I put them in the crate with the chicks as first, but I had a polish male that walked right up to my ducky and chest bumped him!!!!! Booger (the chick) was going to just eat the think alive! It was so cute.!!!! well, the story of Huey, Duey, and Louise begins. I will add more as they grow. Wish me much luck with my three new 'Chiucks"
4/21/11 they are growing so fast!!!! their first big girl/boy tub!