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The New Egg Song

By mulewagon · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. mulewagon
    (To the tune of "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Les Miserables)
    There's a coop that can't be cleaned up
    There's a pile goes on and on
    Poopy eggs and poopy chickens
    And I just rake and moan.
    Here they landed on my shoulder
    Here the rooster had no shame
    Here they squawked and sang the eggsong
    But the eggs, they never came!
    From the shed down in the backyard,
    I could see my coop reborn
    And I swung with hammer ringing
    I can see it now!
    The auto doors as they sprang open
    Gave way to clean nestboxes
    In a tow'ring palisade at dawn.
    Oh my hens, why don't you like it?
    How can I do any more?
    But you scorn my great arrangements
    And still bed down on the floor.
    Sleepy chickens at the window
    Sleepy roosters on the floor
    Poopy eggs and poopy chickens
    'Cause my hens will roost no more.
    Oh my hens, my hens don't ask me
    What that perching thing is for
    Now just get yourselves up on it
    So that I can shut the door!

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