The New Hampshire Red

By Roosters110 · Mar 13, 2018 ·
  1. Roosters110
    The New Hampshire red is a bird built for laying and lots of time meat production due to their large size.
    Descending straight from then Rhode Island reds.
    They are a hardy breed and are known to be docile but can be very bossy and troubling to keep around weaker birds.
    They lay large,brown eggs and are good winter layers.Also good production year round.
    The roosters are very laid back and have several stunning colors.The boys being mostly orange/brown/reddish.I would say the biggest you could get would be 6 to 8 pounds with a New Hampshire Red rooster.
    The hens have exact temperament.Girls weighing in at a 6 pound or 5 1/2 pound fully grown.Most of my New Hampshire’s have been orangish,while some of my hens sometimes are much lighter in color with light orange neck feathers and a fairl yellow/orangish back and breast with the tail tips being black.
    A fast maturing breed
    Original name-New Hampshire
    Excellent bird ,I have four total had six but two past unfortunately,defiantly getting more
    A few stunning pics-

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