The Old Playhouse

By djmax · Jul 27, 2013 · ·
  1. djmax
    We used our daughter's old playhouse it easily converted to a perfect chicken coop- even left in the old play kitchen set - the girls love it !!!



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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nardo
    "Playhouse conversion"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Nov 2, 2018
    Nice spot for a couple of chickens. Be good to have some more details of what you did to convert it.
  2. Hope Hughes
    "Very cute idea to transform it to a coop"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Jul 7, 2018


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  1. Stumpy
    love it!
  2. joan1708
    very nice!
  3. djmax
    Yes that's a good thought - the nesting boxes actually slides into the oven part perfectly :0 ..
  4. Whittni
    You should use the oven as a nesting box.
  5. djmax
    That's funny ...
  6. marxmail
    very cute.... trying not to make a joke about cooking chicken!

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