OK. This is my first attempt at trying to create my own BYC page. I hope it works.

My DH and I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina just outside of Hendersonville. We live in an old, rustic cabin (yes, we do have indoor plumbing and electricity) along with our dog, Joey, an Australian shepherd, and 5 cats, 4 of which are feral tame-downs.
We have a small hobby farm/petting zoo on almost 8 acres. My DH is an organic gardener. We are privileged to have 29 hens and 6 roos, 7 muscovy ducks, 2 guinea hens, 1 golden pheasant, 2 bobwhite quail, 5 adult peacocks and 6 babies, 2 heritage bronze turkeys, and 1 New Zealand white rabbit. We came here to "live off the land". All was fine and good until we got our first batch of baby chicks and our first round of baby rabbits. I, being the unfulfilled maternalistic person that I am, started naming everyone and getting to know each one personally. They became "my babies". "We CAN'T eat that one!" I would exclaim every time my DH wanted to "harvest" someone. Needless to say, we work HARD to feed all these pets and we still buy our chicken from the store!!
We've been doing this for 12 years, and I honestly cannot imagine ever doing anything else. I learn something new every single day. Caring for these creatures has taught me more about LIFE and living than I could ever convey. I feel blessed beyond words every single day.
When I find some really neat quotes, I'll add them on here. Or if I can ever figure out how to post pictures, I'll put them on here too. I sure do LOVE BYC!!!