The Palace at Fabulous Chicks

  1. Fabulous Chicks
    I looked on BYC for a long time for a coop design that I wanted and didn't quite find exactly what I was looking for.
    The Palace here at G&B farms; home of The Fabulous Chicks is 12x24 7 windows, 1 door, 3 inside/outside pens, A Frame roof, hallway, with T1-11 siding that will be painted barn red.

    Each run is 8x24x6' Each run has a gate for access, hardware cloth dug down in a 12" ditch to deter predators. Each pop door has a ramp we covered with shingle's to keep them from slipping. This house only houses Purebred birds: Welsummer's, Australorp's, BRLWs and Ameraucana's (3 EE's) but we always know their eggs!

    Finished outside pens 3 separated by breed
    Welsummer's on left, Australorp center, BRLW/Ameraucana's on right.
    Inside Wellies pen

    Australorp pen


    Interior walls before finished
    View from pen 1-3 now with wire, lights, windows and the fans!

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  1. jksranch
    Pictures of the inside please. Great job!
  2. marxmail
    WOW... really like how the pens are arranged.... Show more pictures please.

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