The Poultry Mansion

By Carp Farmer16 · Sep 28, 2015 · Updated Sep 29, 2015 · ·
  1. Carp Farmer16
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    Sometime this April, my wife informed that our family in a household of mostly girls will grow once again....Once I got over my original panic, I realized that then new girls would be staying outside so I would not be any further outnumbered in the house (6 to 1 currently :))

    The rationale went something like this, we eat lots of eggs have lots of veggie leftovers, lots of empty land and the kids love animals - what can possibly go wrong?

    Additionally, I would also 'get' to build a coop for our new additions that . And thus begins the story of the poultry mansion that took me a summer to build after work (I blame the slow progress on the fact that I had some unsolicited help and had to restart a few times).

    The challenges: frequent predators in our area include foxes, raccoons, weasels, falcon, coyotes, the occasional bear and of course the kids who were convinced that I was building a playhouse for them...still are....
    With that in mind I set out to build a coop that has more of a fortress setup but user friendly enough so that the little ones can get in and out.

    Coop size is 10L X 8W X 8H, with an overhang roof of 1 extra foot for each side. In this picture the roof was not finished yet, I have since shingled it.

    the basics:
    our winters are 6 months long with lots of snow so I didn't want the coop to be sitting in water for half the year. I dug 8 inches down and built a 10 X 8 foundation out of cinder blocks. This allows for some drainage and it also keeps the coop wood framing elevated and off the ground.

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  1. punk00
    Great. Very nice looking and the window idea is just smart. Gives me some ideas. The screen doors/windows would be very adaptable to our climate. Yours looks absolutely awesome--how may chickens do you house? Please do send more pictures of inside and outside. I am in total admiration of your job.
  2. N F C
    Very nice, thanks for sharing!
  3. Carp Farmer16
    thank you for all the comments ...I will be adding more pictures and process design over the next few days.

    it is a window - it's main purpose is for ventilation. I am a strong believer in free-cycling so I had collected a number of older windows last year with the intention of building a greenhouse.
    I fastened a wooden frame around the metal edging of the window so that I could attach a heavy duty latch/lock and hinges. There is also a seal on the inside of the window for when it is closed. Fastened to the inside of the coop is 1/4 inch hardware cloth wire to discourage any visitors.
  4. BantyChooks
    X2!!!! very nice coop! can you provide more pictures of the door especially?? I'd love to have a glass door to let more light in my coop; it gets so dark in the winter.
  5. Chipper Chicken
    Or is that a window?????
  6. Chipper Chicken
    A glass egg door!!!!???? WOW! No sneaky escape artist hens can jump out without you being ready for them! Seriously, that is very cool, I trust you have a watertight seal around it. And that screen door, I'm gonna copy that X2, it's perfect. MORE pictures please, this is too nice to leave us with just one view [​IMG]

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