The Pros and Cons for Raising Peafowl

The pros and cons for raising peafowl.
By Mountain Peeps · Dec 26, 2014 · Updated Dec 27, 2014 · ·
  1. Mountain Peeps
    Does Good Outweigh the Bad? Pros and Cons for Raising Peafowl
    Peafowl are beautiful, majestic birds and can be fun to raise. They also are big, loud and require lots of care. But they also can cause problems. If you are considering raising them, there are a few pros and cons to consider before taking the plunge. Remember, before you even start thinking about raising these birds, you need to make sure your local laws allow it. (This is mainly if you live in the city.) Does good outweigh the bad? That is up to you to decide.

    •Good companions
    •Lay eggs
    •Provide possible profit (If you sell their feathers or eggs)
    •Provide the ability to participate in shows and fairs
    •Keeps you active
    •Makes for a great hobby
    •Feathers make great craft projects
    •Are fun to keep and raise
    •Eat pests such as mice, frogs and insects
    •Grow fast
    •Provide entertainment
    •Have great personalities and are easy to tame when young
    •Live up to 20 years (this also could be a con)

    •Require lots of space ( The pen needs to be at least 10-ft wide and 6-ft high. They need about 100 sq. feet per bird)
    •Require lots of care (Read here for more info on caring for them
    •Cost money
    •Are quite loud especially in breeding season; females are no quieter than males
    •Peahens go broody about twice a year
    •Peahens do not lay eggs often like chickens do
    •Peacocks can have tails that grow up to 5-ft long which require large living areas
    •Can be destructive (They are large birds so if they jump on things they can break or dent them. They will also destroy your garden and plants if you let them)
    •Love to fly and roam. (Sometimes they will not return home)
    •Some peahens do a poor job at raising their brood
    •Are prey to many wild animals including raccoons, foxes and coyotes
    •Need lots of protein in their diet and need to be wormed regularly
    •Males do not get along very well with other males
    •Are dirty creatures and need to have their pen deep cleaned at least three times annually.

    Raising peafowl is a decision that should not be taken lightly. While there are many good things about the experience, there are also many drawbacks. If thought about, chosen and cared for correctly, peafowl make a wonderful addition to any farmer, hobbyist or city person’s life.
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  1. Catfsm
    Our neighbors found a pea hen on their roof. They live in a section where the neighborhood association says no birds. (Wealthy people!). So, they asked me to take the bird. They caught her using mealy worms, and brought her over in a dog carrier. She was here for a day and then left. She lived at my neighbors' house, where they did NOT want her for 3 months. I was unsuccessful in catching her to bring her home!

    About a month ago, she came back here. We feed her daily and a lot so she is probably going to stick around. We feed chicken food and dog food as well as veg and other treats we get for our hens and goats, and she forages a lot.

    She is beautiful and quiet and has a sweet personality. We have not built a house for her. She just lives in our yard wherever she chooses.

    We named her Beatrice. It just seems to be a strong female name for a queenly bird.

    This fall I am hoping to find a male to borrow or maybe for Beatrice to visit and breed. I will get a broody chicken to sit on the eggs. Then I can make a warm place with a heat lamp probably using an old horse trough my neighbors gave me.
  2. ShawnsChick
    I figured I'd check out the good & bad points 1st, as I never thought of having these, however enjoyed looking @ them as a child & love it when I see them as an adult. The noise wouldn't bother me so much, I'm sure I can get used to it & there are worse things, while my husband might not be able to handle the noise!!

  3. familyfarm1
  4. TwoCrows
    Very nice! This definitely gives you an idea on what you are getting into with Peafowl!

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