The Pro's and Cons of roosters.

By RodNTN · May 19, 2016 · Updated May 20, 2016 · ·
  1. RodNTN

    Okay, so the day has come when you decide to add a rooster, or two, or three- to your flock of hens. Or maybe you accidentally ended up with one. Whatever your case, every rooster is different. Most roosters get the bad reputation of being mean and will attack everything and anyone. But wait, before you rehome your rooster without a second thought lets discuss the pro's and con's of keeping a rooster.

    1. Roosters are usually more flashier and colorful than hens.
    Yes, its true. You are more likely gonna catch the eye of a judge in a poultry show, whether on here or an actual show. The hens probably like the flashy rooster too.


    2. Roosters will watch out for the rest of the flock.
    Believe it not, roosters will watch out for the flock 24/7. My rooster will signal predator warning every time he see's a hawk or another dangerous predator, or a potential predator. Even a little chick that I've got that's a suspected cockerel will watch the sky most of the time he's outside letting the pullets know if there's a crow or a songbird flying by.

    3. Roosters will find food and share the bounty with the hens.
    When cocks are foraging with the hens (which isn't often, since they usually are watching over the distracted hens). If they find a cricket, or I'm feeding scraps I will throw my rooster a piece of food since he seldom gets a treat without the hens grabbing it from him. And yet, instead of gobbling the food down he lets the girls know he's got a treat and gives it to them without thinking twice.
    4. Roosters will provide you with fertile eggs if your looking into hatching your own eggs.

    If you want to hatch your own flocks eggs, roosters will give you the fertile eggs you need. (Even though you don't need a rooster for hens to lay eggs).

    1. Roosters can be aggressive
    Even though this isn't the case with every rooster, roosters can be aggressive with people, children, other roosters, pets, and some even take it out on the poor hens! If you or your family are getting hurt you need to get rid of that rooster fast! I had to rehome an aggressive rooster last year because he would flog everybody and he almost pecked one the hens eyes!

    2. They can be loud.
    Roosters can be loud with their crowing, predator calls and just being roosters! This is why roosters are usually illegal in most places.

    3. You can end up with not-wanted chicks.

    If you don't want baby chicks, your hens could end up hatching some of the eggs that your rooster fertilized.

    Again, every rooster is different. So decide if roosters are a good thing for you!

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  1. RodNTN
    Thanks CluckerCottage! You'd better watch out for that little rooster of yours though! Someone told me a few weeks ago once white leghorn roosters gets over a year old they'll start flogging. I hope your rooster doesn't run out mean. Just keep giving him attention and being nice to him and hope for the best! :)
  2. ChickenLover200
  3. CluckerCottage
    Your roo is stunning!
    Thanks for your good information as well.
    I ended up with a white leghorn "surprise" roo 6 weeks ago. I really want to keep him so I hope he will not go mental once the hormones start kicking in. He seems to like the attention he receives and I've handled him every day.
    I sure hope he will be alright as our only roo. We have 10 big girls and 26 six week old pullets.
  4. RodNTN
    Thanks Whittni! He is an Old English game Bantam.
  5. Whittni
    Yours is very cute and colorful!

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