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  1. nebjule
    Living in western Nebraska on an acerage I mentioned to husband..."we should get chickens and have our own eggs." His reply was stern.."over my dead body will we have chickens." This past Spring my daughter and I went to the local farm supply store to pick up some supplies for our horses. The moment we walked in, I knew the store had gotten the spring chick delivery. My daughter and I peeked into the stock tanks with the fresh pine shavings and the heat lamps and the next thing I knew 5 pullets made their way into a cardboard box and into my car. I keep telling my husband to this day, I don't know how that happened. Here is a story of will, determination and the transformation of stubborn opinion!
    [​IMG] Here are the baby girls in a stock tank in my basement....aren't they darling!
    Needless to say, having the girls now, I was excited to begin the prospect of finding a simple chicken coop to build...nothing too big. With only the 5 girls it didn't have to be too elaborate. Then I googled Backyard Chicken... oh my goodness, the multitude of designs and the creativity was amazing. I fell in love the coop that looked like a barn. It was green and decorated with stars. My search had begun for plans but I wasn't able to find anything close. With the constant internet search and the girls getting bigger, I knew I had to start the building process soon. I sat down with pencil and paper and decided to draw my own. Off to the lumber yard with my husband's pickup. Ahh...another dissatisfier! With lumbar in the yard, I started my plan. A floor made of 2x6 on pier blocks. This way the coop could be moved if ever needed. (at the time I didn't think my small "little" coop would be so big!)

    [​IMG] Floor on pier blocks covered with 3/4" OSB. Framing with 2x4's begun.
    My husband
    had to come out and check my progress. My daughter took some of the pictures. The original floor was 6 by 8 feet. Plenty of space for 5 little chickens. The framing went fast and with my husband's help we had almost all of it done by the end of the day.
    [​IMG] Back wall is up and the reality of the size is starting to hit home. Did I say 5 chickens?
    [​IMG] Working on the rafters for the several levels of roofing. I had planned to keep it simple and have a single roof line, but I liked the looks of the green barn-style coop so much; I knew I would have always wished I had made it that I did.
    [​IMG] The coop I had seen on the design page had three levels on one side and I knew if I pushed the issue my husband would go over the edge. But he surprised me when he said we should add the little addition to the coop and without hesitation, I went back to the store in his pick-up for more pier blocks and wood. He was starting to come around! Here it is....the 2 x 6 foot addition and 3rd roof level on the coop's side!
    [​IMG] We began to apply the 1/2" OSB over the framing. Now it is really starting to take shape! Looking like a real little coop! I'm starting to get excited to get the girls in it.
    [​IMG] Meanwhile in my basement, I had put the girls in a box upstairs to clean out the stock tank and put in new shavings. (Doesn't take long now for them to dirty up the tank!) As I'm cleaning, I can hear my husband upstairs...he's now peeking into the box and talking to the girls! I hear him saying to them..."peep, peep, peep." I think he is really coming around!
    [​IMG] This is Annie Oakley, she is a giant partridge. The other chickens all have names too. Fitting of the wild west of course. We have Mae West, Calamity Jane (Russians); Annie Oakley and Daisey Mae (Giant Partridge); and then there is Belle Star (Cochin). You'll see a picture of her later. With the girls getting ever bigger the pressure builds to get the coop done. Needless to say in April in Nebraska, the weather doesn't always cooperate!
    [​IMG] Done with the OSB! What a challenge to cut up under those roof lines and around the 2x4's!

    [​IMG] Starting the tar paper and valley metal for the roof!
    [​IMG] Shingles started, the vent placed and the rear utility window is in. The vent was around $20.00 and the window was $60.00. Would have liked to have found some windows to recycle like others on the site did, but we don't have many options in our area to find items to recycle. I now had another issue. The coop I fell in love with had small windows along the top for ventilation. I needed to find windows which were no bigger than 12 x 24 inches. "Did you say I would have to Special order those and how much will that cost?" I will just have to make my own. So I called the local glass shop and they cut some glass for me #4 to be exact...just in case I broke one.
    [​IMG] The siding almost done, the shingles on and the homemade window in place.

    [​IMG] A few more windows in, one more layer of shingles to go. And now for the door.
    A close up of the homemade windows and the door. Have some more trim work to do.

    See page 2:

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  1. Chicken Goddess
    What a cute name 'pullet palace'
  2. bellanonna
    I LOVE you coop. My husband is trying to replicate this on our level. However, I would like to show him inside pictures with the outside walls attached. I can't seem to get to the page 2 you refer to in your article.
    Colleen (Lace Wyndotts, Buff Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds not-so-patiently waiting for the coop to be finished)
  3. karenkensek
    nice coop! has your husband come around? Mine thought i was nuts, now he loves them!

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