The Quackers!

By The Duck Ladie · Jul 13, 2016 · Updated Feb 15, 2017 · ·
  1. The Duck Ladie
    Hi Everybody! Hope you are all having a great day! I want to tell you about The Quackers (My Duck Flock). The Quackers is a flock of nine Ducks, of various breeds. I am a lover of many animals (I'd give you a list of them but it take up the whole page [​IMG]), but Ducks are my favorite. I'm not sure why, but they are! So here are The Quackers!
    This is Sherlock, He's a Boy Chocolate Ancona. When he had just grown his feathers in, he got Niacin Deficiency. He barely walked so we brought him in and took care of him and he got better very rapidly. Soon he was back on his feet. He is now the leader of The Quackers, and is a very sweet duck.


    And Here are the Ancona girls! Shirley (Above) is a brown Ancona. She's very pretty and sweet. She is also the boy Ancona's favorite hen.
    Daffodil (Below) Is a Lilac Ancona. She's a real goofball and the loudiest duck, but I love her a lot anyway


    And Here are Khaki Campbell "sisters" ( I don't know if they are sisters, but they act like it ). Ree is the one above and Mae is the one below. They are hard to tell apart but Mae is a bit smaller and darker. They are both shy and they both love the water and are real sweeties.


    Here's Miel ( Me-L, it's French for Honey). My Magpie drake. He's very charming , and one of my favorite ducks. He sticks with Cheri (below) a lot and defends her from the other boys. He's a real sweet heart.

    This is Cheri (Sherry, it's French for darling). She's a Magpie girl. She sticks with Miel or stays by herself. She's a very shy & sweet little lady and I'm very glad to have her.

    Last, but by no means least, is Jasper, my Black Runner. She's a very beautiful duck, and very friendly. She doesn't stick around any specific Duck, but does what she likes, and I really love her.
    So that's The Quackers. They are all a little more than 4 months now,the Anconas are about a week older than the rest. They are all (except for Miel and Japser) about 2 and a half months in the pictures, though. They all love little red grapes and peas. Here's some other pictures of them;

    -Cheri and Ree, splashing in the pool-
    -Miel and Cheri, spending time together-

    -The Quackers when the were ducklings-
    (*sniff* They were so little...)

    Have a Great day!
    -The Duck Ladie

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  1. The Pinto Pony
    They are all beutiful! I can't wait till my Duck flock gets that big!
  2. NathanZee
    You have a beautiful flock, congratulations on POW!
  3. The Duck Ladie
  4. Hybridchucks
    That was GREAT! XX
  5. Whittni
    Cute flock
  6. The Duck Ladie
  7. DuckGirl77
    Beautiful!!! Boy, you're making me really want some Magpies! They are GORGEOUS!

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