The Red Sex link Chicken.

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    Red Star History:
    A red star/ red sex link is a hybrid meaning it isn't a breed of chicken. This breed is not recognized by the American poultry association.
    There is a lot different names for this breed such as,
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    Red star Breed crossing.

    Red sex links can be told male from female at hatch, meaning they are totally different colors. the males are white while females are red. Here is a picture of difference.
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    You can't breed a red sex link to make a red sex link.
    You have to cross the two breeds from when it was originally crossed. If you want to make a red sex link try crossing these two breeds.
    Rhode island white x Rhode island red
    White rock x Rhode island red
    Delaware x Rhode island red etc.
    Red star purpose.
    Red stars are originally meant to be used for eggs. They will lay eggs like crazy (up to 300-330 a year) but really slow down on their second year. Red stars lay extra large dark brown eggs. Laying so many eggs can also give red stars a shorter lifespan than other breeds depending on whether the keepers want to keep them or cull them.
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    Red star temperament/personality
    Red stars have an excellent disposition and are one of the most tamest chickens around but they are also known to be tough with other breeds but are tame around humans.
    They are really calm and are the complete opposite of white leghorns even though are bred from them. White leghorns tend to be nervous/flighty while red stars are sweet and calm.
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    Red star details:
    Origin: America
    Bird type: Large fowl
    Size/weight: 4-5 LBS
    Purpose: Eggs
    Recognized varieties: Red and black
    Meat production: Better

    Egg Facts:
    Egg laying: Excellent (300-330 per year)
    Egg-size: Extra Large
    Egg color: Brown

    Suitability To Backyard Life:
    Hardy: Cold
    Free-range: good
    Broody: no
    Disposition: Excellent
    docile: Yes
    Personality: Rugged
    Red star pics.

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    "Nice, but pictures don’t work"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Oct 20, 2018
  2. Nats Chickens
    "A nice bird."
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    I have 3 pullets of this breed and they are very sweet, but can be skittish when you try to pick them up. I love the massive egg lay at the beginning, but am annoyed at how it drops off after that. Mine are an Aussie strain called Bond Browns, from Bond Enterprises, though. And I think they drop off even faster then the US ones. 1531891262088.jpg These are my girls. (well, not all my girls but they are my browns)


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