The Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed.

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    Rhode Island Red History:
    The Rhode Island Red is a chicken breed that developed in America in the early nineteenth century.
    It developed in the state of Massachusetts and Rhode island by crossing breeding birds of oriental origin such as the Malay with brown leghorns birds from Italy. This breed just doesn't come in red, they also come in white too. Only the Rhode island red comes in bantam size, the Rhode island white doesn't. They are also one of the most popular chicken breed. Here is the picture of Rhode Island Red and white.
    Rhode island red purpose:
    Rhode Island Reds can be used dual purpose but are mostly for eggs. They have excellent egg-laying and their egg-size is extra large. They rarely ever go broody as well. They would be considered on the top 5 list of best egg-laying chicken breeds.
    Rhode island red personality:
    Rhode island reds are nice birds and are generally easygoing. They have a better disposition and get along great with kids. They are pretty heavy weight which is a reason they also might be friendly. They can be pretty tough with other birds in the flock though but are definitely not as bossy as some other breeds.
    If you ever want a great egg-laying chicken in your flock, choose Rhode island red!
    Rhode island red details:
    Origin: America
    Bird type: Large fowl and bantam
    Size/weight: 6-7 LBS.
    Purpose: dual
    Recognized varieties: Red, White
    Meat production: better

    Egg facts:
    Egg-laying Excellent (280-300 a year)
    Egg-color: Brown
    Egg-size: Extra large

    Fancy features:
    Comb type: single
    skin color: yellow
    Feather color: Red
    Feathered legs: No

    Suitability to backyard life:
    Hardy: Cold
    Free-range: good
    Broody: no
    Disposition: better
    Docile: Yes
    Personality: Generally Easygoing.

    Rhode island red and white pics.
    Rhode Island Red chick.
    Rhode island red cockerel.
    Rhode island red pullet.
    Rhode island red hens.
    Rhode island red rooster.
    Rhode island white hens.
    Rhode island white rooster.

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