The Roberts Brooder

  1. Lunachick22
    Hi, With all the help I have received from other members posting such valuable information I thought I would do the same. Our inspiration came from "Miss Jenny's Chick-quarium" So a special thank you to them. I am new to chickens so I wanted a brooder that the chicks could stay in until we moved them to the coop, I also needed it to be easy to clean and fun for my family to watch the chicks grow.

    Brooder Dimensions: 2'30" tall 25" Deep and 4' Wide. We used plywood, 2x4's and plexi glass in the construction. We also put a hinged lid on top which we covered in window screening (we had that on hand). We also painted the inside and out to make cleaning easier. We bought a full sheet of plexi at the Home Depot It was around $25. The plywood was around $15 a sheet. We used 2. The 2x4's and trim pieces we had around the house. We caulked the seams at the sides and bottom of the brooder for water proofing, easier cleaning. The plexi glass front was framed out with 2 pieces of wood and put into a bevel we notched out of the sided of the brooder.
    That way we can remove the front for easy cleaning. One note would be to heat the drill tip before you screw into the plexi to help prevent cracking. We have a small crack on one side but it is holding up.

    [​IMG]Small Roosting Bar built out of Scraps.

    My daughter removing the front of the brooder.
    Close up of the bevel for the plexi glass.
    [​IMG]Hinged top with the hanging feeder and water.
    [​IMG]Cleaning the Brooder. Again I needed this to be easy to my girls could help.

    We added a 2x4 across the top to hang the food and water. I would hang this closer to the back of the brooder if I had to do it again, because right now I need to take the front off in order to change the water and it would be easier to do it from the top but the round bases don't fit past the 2x4. So note to self...measure better :)

    [​IMG]With the heat lamp when we 1st brought the chicks home.


    Our Pug Luna checking out the Chicks.

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  1. ldelahanty
    I love this brooder!

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