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By TheRookie · Sep 10, 2012 · Updated Sep 24, 2012 ·
  1. TheRookie
    Everything comes from a smoke free home, however we do have cats and a dog so people with allergies should be careful.

    Things I owe:
    (sent) rooster dip chiller

    Things I am owed:
    Carousel chicken by bnewns (9/19)
    goats milk soap by reesepoultry (9/19)
    blown eggs by KYTinpusher (9/24)

    Things I want:
    • Goats milk soap
    • Homemade jellies and jams
    • Rooster/Chicken/Duck Home decor
    • Chicken/Duck diapers/saddles
    • Creative rabbit toys. Henri is VERY picky about his toys LOL
    • Materials to make feather jewelry (wire, beads, etc..)
    • Hermit crab shells, tank accessories, under-tank heater

    Things I have:
    Sketching by Numbers set, has everything you need to draw the horses on the cover. Has been opened, not started

    Movies (pick 2)
    Narnia, Raise Your Voice, Ramona and Beezus, Emporer's New Groove, Santa Clause 2 (all family friendly)

    Wii Games

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Megamind, Spongebob Globs of Doom
    All in good condition, took me about a day to beat each one so they haven't been used a lot

    Like new, had to take a sticker out of the front but is in excellent condition otherwise. All about astronomy and constellations.

    Accessories (pick 2)
    Medium Ladies black leather belt, silver studs

    Various necklaces

    Bracelets (upper left is magnetic)

    Two rings, size 9 I THINK so don't quote me
    If anyone knows how to easily size a ring , please let me know.

    Build-A-Bear Bear and Dog $20 value each

    Extra outfit for any Build-A-Bear $10 value

    Two Build-A-Bear dogs that have magnets in their bandanas $10 value for both

    White bear, perfect for Valentines Day

    Blown Eggs:
    Duck eggs (white, cream color)
    Chicken eggs (brown (lg), white (med), white (sm))

    I can get a baggie of my mixed flocks feathers(RIR, EE) , my Silkies feathers (Partridge, Blue, Buff) , and I have a baggie full of feathers from another flock that someone sent me but didn't make the cut for my craft program. All are in good condition and will be washed and dried before being sent.

    Homemade cookies: (1 or 2 dozen depending on size and recipe)
    Chocolate Chip
    I can make any kind, just ask:)

    I have Hatching eggs available but I am not NPIP yet. I am trying to get that scheduled so I can have NPIP eggs to ship in spring.
    Serama (smooth, only one hen so limited # of fresh eggs)
    RIR (Ideal hatchery stock but great birds)
    Silkie (mixed color pen for now, will have BBS later this year)

    Premium Swap:
    I have a size zero (0) prom dress. Black, floor-length, one shoulder strap, silver studs across the shoulder and stomach. Will upload a pic soon. It has been worn once, has been cleaned, will be cleaned again (to remove unsightly cat fur and wrinkles) before shipped.

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