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By Chickenfan4life · Dec 10, 2012 · Updated Dec 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Chickenfan4life
    (This story is 100% true!)

    On the night of November seventeenth, when we locked up the coop, the last thing I expected to see was an unusual double of my pretty blue Ameracauna, Fancy Feet. I thought I was just seeing a different chicken. But, no...

    Meet Nomad, an extraordinary chicken with a long and twisted tale to tell.

    Nomad's life began at a small house in Garnet, where a lady bred and raised Ameracaunas for an additional income. We found an advertisement about her chicks, fell in love, and made the decision then and there to purchase some. We purchased seven. Two Barred Rock X Ameracaunas, Four Blue Ameracaunas, and one Splash Ameracauna.

    They spent their first few weeks in a brooder in me and lil sis's room. They spent the days outside in a grower pen outside. In a few days, when their genders were determined, me and my sister named them. Three females: Gypsy, Fancy Feet, and Bluebelle. Four males: Ralph, Merlin, Rex, and Rufus.

    Things seemed to be going smoothly, but then tragedy struck. Fancy Feet got Coccicidiosis. She was not doing very well, and we thought she was going to die. But she took a sudden turn for the better. She recovered and was returned to the brooder with her siblings.

    Finally, they reached an age where they could free-range. They were no longer babies. They clucked, rather than peeped, they ate scratch feed, rather than chick starter. They could take care of themselves, now. Things were going very well. They became a part of the family flock, and were just like all the other chickens.

    Then one day, September 25th, tragedy struck again, but this time, in the form of a dog. Many chickens were killed in that attack. The few that were left were terrified. When the remains of the ones killed in that attack were collected all that was found of Bluebelle were two blue legs and some blue feathers. It was a terrible day.

    The small flock of Ameracaunas was even smaller, especially after Ralph became far too aggressive to keep alive. He was put down on a night in October. There were only five Ameracaunas left, now. Things were just getting worse and worse.

    It was November seventeenth, nearly three months since the fatal attack, in which many were lost. This was the night of a miracle! No one expected Bluebelle to be alive. She had clearly been killed... or had she? When the flock of Ameracaunas was counted that night, there was an unexpected new addition: Bluebelle! She was alive and in very good shape.

    No one could believe their eyes. Everyone thought Bluebelle was dead, when she was really very much alive. It looked as though she had been taken care of by someone else, but
    who? No one knew. All they knew was that Bluebelle was back home, and that was all that mattered!

    She is now aptly named Nomad, for she is a nomad like no other! She is Nomad the Miracle Hen!

    Thanks for reading Nomad's story! [​IMG]

    Now it's time for pictures of the Miracle Chicken!



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  1. iluvorpingtons
    She's cute! What an amazing story!
  2. Chickenfan4life
    Thank you! I agree, she certainly does have an amazing story! It's probably more interesting from her point of view, though.
  3. Cane Toad
    Thats happened to me once too! Nomad is beautiful! Good on her for coming back :)

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