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  1. Butterscotchbitesfinger
    Name: India Sarah blackworth
    Age: 15
    Power: teleport,
    Grade (at school): 10
    Description: she has long blonde hair and stark electric blue eyes and very pale skin
    Personality: she is smart, popular, pretty
    Pets: none

    Name:Aria Knuller
    Power: telekinesis
    Grade (at school): 10
    Description: Tall with piercing blue eyes. Hair just past her shoulders that is an unhappy medium between blonde and brown
    Personality: Stubborn and doesn't make friends and open up to people very easily, but once she does she would never turn her back.
    Pets (maximum one at the school): orange hamster named Dexter

    Name: Cindy Cleastream
    Age: 15
    Powers: she can levitate off the ground
    Grade (at school): 10
    Description: average height, long red hair that (when out) reaches her knees and when pulled back in a long braid reaches her waist, she has sapphire blue eyes and long curled pitch black eyelashes
    Personality: she is loyal, hangs around the library and she is quite quiet and quirky
    Pets (Max one at school): she has a horse (Gypsy horse) names Cinnamon (he is buckskin)

    Name: Malachi Roberts
    Power: can choose to turn himself and anything is touching invisible
    Grade (at school):10
    Description: fairly tall with short, medium brown hair and eyes. Tan, but not dark skin
    Personality: fairly quiet, but won't hesitate to stand up for what her believes in. relatively charming, but not over the top. Makes friends quickly and places all his trust in them so he could be easily manipulated. Also likes using his invisibility to play pranks on people.
    Pets (maximum one at the school): goldfinch named tweety

    Button Quail Girl
    Form: Wolf-ish, but more magical
    Name: Dawn
    Age: 15
    Power: shape shifting, but doesn't know it yet.
    Grade (at school): 1 (powers unknown is grade one)
    Description: color changing, but usually pure white with blue eyes.
    Personality: sweet, peppy, a bit shy, caring, confused.
    Pets (maximum one at the school) a small white owl that loves to cuddle in her fluffy fur, she doesn't know where she came from, she has just been there ever since she can remember, the owl is very wise, only Dawn can understand her. Her Name is Nova, and she has very large sparkling eyes, and some unusual black markings. She often acts as Dawn's own personal brain... She stays close to her ear, and when Dawn needs help, she is always there to whisper some wisdom. This creature is very mysterious, especially since only Dawn can understand her.

    More background: she doesn't know what she can do, or where she came from, she has a peppy personality, but she is also a fighter. Her real background is that she was originally a person, but as a young toddler without a developed memory, or control, she changed herself into a wolf, (a pup) and wandered off, but she has no recollection of this. Her parents searched far and wide, but was finally convinced that she was kidnapped and will never be found..(we'll see;)). Another thing she doesn't know is that she can shapshift others if she has a true connection with them... Nova was actually a wild owl Long before she was this magical creature. Dawn doesn't know it, but that owl was very near when she shapshifted, which changed Nova too...Dawn strives for good grades, but due to her lack of any known power, she often can't get them (this is very disheartening to her, and she is very distraught about it, and often wonders why she is even here). She wandered to the school as a wolf pup, and due to her being spotted in this secret destination, she was spotted by a kind gardener who knew she wasn't your average wolf, and believed she would have some skill to master... So far, that Gardener was wrong, matter of a fact, she wouldn't still be here if she wasn't able to speak English! She can communicate with ease with any creature! If only she knew why! Despite her wolf appearance, she gets along quite well with humans and animals alike! Exept for her being teased for being powerless.. she is Very sensitive about it.

    Name: Andrew Foxton
    Age: 15
    Power: he can shape shift to a red fox
    Description: tall, brown hair, brown eyes, handsome
    Personality: easy going, handsome, loud
    Pets : none

    Button Quail
    Form: human
    Name: Justin Roberts
    Power: fire
    Description: tall, handsome, ultra popular, and loves to make fun of Dawn.

    Button Quail Girl
    Name: Gabe
    Age: 16
    Power: water
    Personality: mean, acts like an Angel to leaders, beyond a bully

    Form: Otter
    Name: Samantha
    Age: 12
    Power: Shapeshifting
    Grade (at school): 7th
    Description: Strawberry blonde hair, pale green eyes, small build
    Personality: Caring, kind, two sided, rest to be roleplayed
    Pets (maximum one at the school): Lila, a white cat
    (There, happy now? :plbb)

    Name: Laura
    Power: She can jump really far.
    Description: dark black hair, Dark blue eyes.
    Personality: kind, loving, sticks up for her friends.
    Pets (max 1): a black dog she can understand it.
    Other: Can she be friends with Dawn??

    I will add more as we go! Please let me know if I have missed any.

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    Umm.. somehow we have two Roberts.... Justin was supposed to be Roberts because his uncle (principal Roberts!) But now we have Malachi Roberts too.
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    Can you edit Gabe's to say beyond a bully? Sorry, I misspelled it! Also, can we maybe not have several copies of the same power? Like it not very special when there are already 2other shapeshifters in the school:oops:
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      Great! I don't mean to be picky, but it makes the RP alot more interesting when there isn't more than one of each skill!
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    Can you edit Gabe's to say beyond a bully? Sorry, I misspelled it!
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