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By pHENtHOUSE · Sep 18, 2013 · ·
    I am not a builder so I shopped around (live in Oregon) for a shed builder willing to made what I needed so I and my 2 granddaughters could raise us some chickens! It turned into a 4-H project for them which I am trilled about. Many of the shed builders were not willing (or way out of my price range), to build feeder boxes, etc. The Shed Guys reworked the design and never once got cross with me asking questions or changing my mind. When it was build they pulled up, unloaded and put it togiether for us in less that 3 hours. I later found someone local to dig the post holes and then another fella and his wife helped make the gates and string the wire. I later bought the shed windows off Amazon (playhouse windows) and installed them myself. Not bad for a Grandma that really doesn't build anything. That said - I did add the patio! Now I think I can build anything but I am so glad that I had the Shed Guys do the real work!

    I got the brilliant idea to put a cross fence at the back of the shed and build a small cage for inside so we can separate babies or hurt chickens if need be. The playhouse windows open up and have screens on them but I didn't trust them to hold up to racoons or possums so I had the hardware store cut the small wire hardware cloth and stapled it over the thinner screens.


    This is the pHENtHOUSE Suite!

    Large pen with smaller pen to the back
    I used peel and stick tiles to cover the floor and help with moisture. I started with 4 bags of pellets and the chickens did not like it cause it makes it slick! As the pellets break down they turn to dust and it makes clean up easier. I did put a 2X4 across the door to hold the pellets in. Now I rake and clean and add 1/2 to 1 bag of pellets and the chicken are fine with that. When I replace all the pellets - they won't come in to roost1
    I got the idea to paint the inside of all the nesting boxes with bed liner paint to help keep out the moister and make it easier to clean. It has worked out great but THIS WAS DONE BEFORE ANY CHICKENS WHERE IN THERE! I'd allow a day or two for all the fumes to leave if you decide to try this on an existing box.
    Building the deck! Didn't think I could do it! [​IMG]
    The great Shed Guys starting the build. [​IMG]

    Walls going up![​IMG]

    Having these great guys do this so so much easier for me! Slam dunk and it's done.
    I Love the overhang. Of course once you have something up and using it you always think of things you'd like. I would have put the overhang on both side with double nesting boxes. I would have also made it at least 2' wider in each direction. Who knew I'd end up with 34!!!! Chickens.
    They vented it well and can add more venting if you want it. I had big dreams that I had to hone down but I waned windows, venting and copula!! But budget reality set in!
    Love having the two exits!
    The makings of a great hen house!
    I got the idea for the 'poop' boards off of the Backyard Chicken site. I later removed the walk - they didn't use it. Chickens make up their own rules. They really do not like to roost on the left side! Don't know why. After being in there 6 months they are finally using it.
    This is the removable pen for the small yard
    Small yard
    Big yard with the Duck tubs. We call the little ramp and dock our "Duck Dock"

    We have had a lot of fun getting all this together and I couldn't have done it without the Shed Guys. It's a little bit of work having chickens and ducks but having a good home and pen make the work so much easier!

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  1. 21hens-incharge
    "Well done."
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 7, 2018
    Well documented even if it was a hired out project. Most folks leave that part out. I appreciated it being included.
    The roosts are very high up. No way could my big fat brahmas get up there! So is someone is looking to do this consider your chosen breeds when deciding how high to put roosts.
  2. Nardo
    "Chickens and ducks"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 2, 2018
    I like the shelving used for roosts. Those guys did a good job of building your shed. It's nice to be able to keep the ducks and chickens separate. And good work on the patio!


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    Weasleymum: It should house less than I have but it's working out very well. I did have 23 and that was good. Went to pick up 2 bantom hens and came home with 12 more. They are big enough now I've let them in with the big kids and there is still room. I'm concerned with winter and rain (it is Oregon after all) and them having to spend more time inside. My neighbor may take my little Silkie crosses once she knows they are pullets not cockerels. That would get to me 30. Just means I have to clean my poop boards more often!
  2. Weasleymum
    Nice setup! How many birds does it house?
  3. Alaskan
    Thanks for posting all of the pictures, it makes seeing how it all works much easier.

    Great set up!
  4. foreverlearning
    Love it! Great idea having the shed guys build it.
  5. foreverlearning
    Love it! Great idea having the shed guys build it.
  6. Trefoil
    I love it.

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