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    The society created a lab deep in the mountains, there they started experimenting on humans, mostly children. They quickly came to realize that to be succesful, they needded children, under 18 years of age. They started with street kids, then added some stolen from orphanages and foster homes. They are quickly working up to kidnapping from families, though they have not quite gone so far.
    Two scientists in particular have pushed the boundaries of genetic manipulation and are being closly monitered by the Society.
    The pair of scientists walked along the lab wall, taking notes and observations from the test tubes that lined the wall. Inside each tube was a teenage human, some male, some female. They floated in liquids, being kept alive by breathing masks. The scientists had worked to remove the memories of the kids in an attempt to make them more docile.
    "Time to wake them" The female scientist said and moved to the door. The pair stood behind a two way mirror and watched as individual tanks were drained and opened, releasing the creations. This was the first room they would see upon waking. It was painted a cool blue with nothing but tables of various foods and the tanks in it. The scientists waited for the first to start moving...
    The splices woke, only one died. Several of the splices have escaped and seek shelter in a cave. The ones who did not escape are sealed in the lab, still under observation.
    [​IMG] the tubes they wake up in (Note: the doors open when the liquid is gone)

    [​IMG] the lab under the society's city

    [​IMG] the hallway

    [​IMG] the gym

    [​IMG] the pool

    [​IMG] bedrooms (Note: the windows are lighted pictures)
    [​IMG] the infirmary

    1. In order to play you need to create a form and wait for me to accept your character before using them.
    2. ANY creature's genes can be used for your character, including dinosaurs
    3. The main genetic base for your character must be human. they can have any assortment of ears, tails, wings, horns, etc.
    4. no cussing use &^% if you have to
    5. respect each other, go to pm to argue
    6. All BYC ruled apply
    7. you can make scientists also
    8. you can join in at anytime, new charies are welcome. They can start in another 'tube' room, that will already be open to the hallway.


    scientist/genetic splice:


    Name:Charles Barlow

    Age: 54
    gender: male
    genetic splice:none is scientist
    personality: critical and analytically,
    other: has his own agenda separate from the society and his daughter, who is one of his first experiments, though she doesn't know, yet.

    Name:Sonya Barlow
    Age: 25
    gender: female
    genetic splice: tbr
    personality: kind and caring

    other: does not know what her father is trying to accomplish, and tries to help the kids when she can.

    Name: Mattew
    Age: 47
    gender: M
    Scientist/genetic splice: scientist
    personality: obstinate.
    picture: balding. glasses. never seen without his beloved coffee cup.
    Username: CayugaLover
    other: he's mentoring Jenna, the newest scientist.

    Name: Jenna
    Age: 18
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: scientist
    personality: inquisitive, thoughtful, somewhat rebellious.
    picture: short blonde hair in a ponytail, green eyes.
    Username: CayugaLover
    other: Mattew mentors her, shows her around, etc. She also has a little brother, James.

    Name: James
    Age: 12
    gender: M
    Scientist/genetic splice: neither, he's Jenna's irritating younger brother
    personality: irritating, LOL. according to jenna, an oddball. he almost never comes out of his room, he's always playing video games. he does almost nothing else.
    picture: none.
    Username: CayugaLover
    other: Jenna's brother, as mentioned before.

    Genetic Splice:

    Name Alexis
    Age: 15
    gender female
    Scientist/genetic splice: eagle, falcon, dove, lizard
    personality shy, yet bold
    other brown hair with red tint, amber eyes

    Name Danica
    Age: 13
    gender: female
    Scientist/genetic splice: arctic wolf
    personality: has desire to please others, speaks softly, yet with a slight growl, hates being alone

    other: amber wolf eyes, and white tail. She is small and delicate.

    Name: Gwenevere (Gwen)
    Age: 17
    gender: female
    Scientist/genetic splice: eagle, lizard
    personality: outgoing, yet reserved around others
    other" brown eyes, scaled skin though the scales are too small to see unless you get really close.

    Name: Lucette (Luce)
    Age: almost 17
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: fruit bat,
    personality: kind, outgoing, tough, has a sharp tongue, sarcastic, tomboy-ish, slow to anger, quick to forgive, bad temper,
    Username: MollyBrownROX13
    other: Has black webby bat wings that she can fold and hide in a sweat shirt. Also has fangs, but she can easily hide them until she talks or smiles.

    Name: Audra
    Age: 15
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: electric eel (making computers act really weird around her) black cat. (Giving her razor sharp, black, retractable claws.)
    personality: crazy, hyper, loves food, is constantly hungry, hates fighting, stubborn, very random!
    (Electric blue eyes)
    Username: MollyBrownROX13

    Name: Luca
    Age: 13
    gender: female
    Scientist/genetic splice: horse, that's it
    personality: tbr
    picture: light-build, sports horse ears and tail, hooves for feet
    username: ShinShien

    Name Amber
    gender f
    genetic splice: red panda
    personality: nice, quiet, sneaky, sly
    picture [​IMG]
    Username: fuzzball4444

    Name: Firebird
    Age: 15
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: Phoenix, hawk.
    personality: Smart, brave, warrior-like. She tends to think before jumping onto something.
    picture: i'll just describe. tall, maybe 5'9". long, smooth sunset-colored hair that waves without any breeze, like It has a mind of it's own. golden eyes. fiery red wings, and a bird tail peeking out from beneath her skirt.
    Username: CayugaLover
    other: none.

    Name: Stormdancer
    Age: 13
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: Wolf, with some falcon and small amounts of fox, panther, and bear.
    personality: somewhat very impulsive, slightly vain, fearless, outgoing.
    picture:[​IMG] She has three forms, that she can change into at will. Human, Werewolf, and wolf.

    as a human, she has elbow length straight gold hair (not blonde, gold. seriously.) her head is half-shaved. Strange blue markings on her cheekbones, that are the same aquamarine blue as her eyes. pale skin. one black streak in her hair. Long gold and black foxish tail. Gold, black-tipped wolf ears. maybe 5'3".

    in werewolf form, shaggy gold fur everywhere, with black markings on her legs and arms. her paws and much of her arms and legs are black. hair on half of her head, as when she's human. one gold hoop earring. same blue cheek markings and eyes, tho her pupils shrink in a feral way. loooong foxy tail. tall, maybe up to 8'5". her head and neck are more wolfish, while her body resembles a furry, humanoid figure. maybe i'll post pics at some point...

    wolf form: slender gold figure. blue eyes and cheek markings. little black paws. long, frondy gold and black tail. very long neck, very long torso, very long legs. probably big enough for a small person to ride.

    and she has wings, but those are the same all three forms, though they change sizes in her different forms.
    sharp and angled like a bird of prey, gold darkening to black at the feathertips on the outside, glowing white on the inside.

    Username: CayugaLover

    Name: She doesn't remember her name. At all. She goes by the Energizer Bunny, or Bunny for short.
    Age: 13
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: bunny, very small amounts of cheetah and puppy. the result is crazy hyper!
    personality: Hyper, fun, funny, spontaneous, crazy.
    picture:[​IMG] I intend to post pictures of all my charries as soon as I can, but seeing as I draw most of them, it might take some time. so, again, a description:
    long red hair, big brown puppy eyes, long pink (yep :3) bunny ears, pink bunny-paw feet, and a pink and white bunny tail.
    Username: CayugaLover
    other: she doesn't remember, but she a Gwendolyn are actually sisters.

    Name: Chelsea
    Age: 14
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: Panther, bat, eagle.
    personality: mysterious, quiet, but not shy.
    picture:[​IMG] don't have, so again, I will describe. Black hair, harsh yellow eagle eyes, panther paws instead of feet, bat wings and ears, panther tail, pale skin.
    Username: CayugaLover
    other: she and Bunny are sisters, and though she doesn't remember this, she does feel some amount of protectiveness towards her.

    Name: Vondrr
    Age: 15
    gender: M
    Scientist/genetic splice: something in-between...
    personality: sweet, caring, open, confused.
    picture:[​IMG] 9 feet tall, long, thick black hair pulled back in a pony tail, long black bangs, large, glowing slitted eyes, pale skin, very long arms, and a necklace around his neck, with a curious blueish pendant, that appears to be cracked all the way through. He seems to be surrounded by strange purple sparkles all the time. and, oddest of all, his blood is... purple?
    Username: CayugaLover
    other: The scientists discovered him just wandering around the street, confused. They basically kidnapped him, and kept him to make spices off his genes. They've interrogated him plenty, but English isn't his first language, and he is sometimes a bit hard to understand. They kept him in a cage at first, but every time they turned around, somehow he escaped. they couldn't catch it on camera, no matter how hard they tried. one minute he was in the cage, the next, he wasn't. So they basically allow him to meander around the building, supervised of course.
    hint: he's from a different dimention. can you guess from where, and what his true form is?

    Name: Maria
    Age: 15
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: she's spliced off of Vondrr's genes.
    personality: i'll RP out.
    picture:[​IMG] I have one, and I desperately want to post it... I can't figure out how on my new laptop though. stupid windows 8.
    Username: CayugaLover
    other: she was 'made' by Mattew.

    Name: Dakota
    Age: 15
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: wolf, raven
    personality: keep to self. She is afraid of the scientist and is scared others will hurt her to. She doesnt and to be her friend you have to prove yourself
    Black hair, yellow eyes of wolf, wings black as ravens, she has black wolf ears/tail. She was developed wolfs eye sight and hearing
    Username:perfect Polish
    other: She is mute but can growl.

    Name: Sefra
    Age: 10
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: bird of paradise. A little bit of squirrel( it doesnt show though.)
    personality: outgoing and hyper. ADHD. loves to meet new people
    She has red hair and orangish/ redish/ brownish eyes. She has wings and a plumey tail
    [​IMG] wings and plume like the ones on this bird.
    Username: polish

    Scientist/genetic splice:Bat, horse, komodo dragon, puma
    Personality:Quiet, awkward, easily frightened. When she's angry she's furious.


    Name:Avanna (Ava)
    Age: 12
    Scientist/genetic splice: Eagle
    personality: Dangerous, but can be kind

    Name:Eevanna (Eva)
    Age: 12
    Scientist/genetic splice:butterfly=wings
    personality:Sweet and curious
    other: Avanna's twin n the lab.

    Name: varissa
    Age: 15
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: wolf
    personality: very shy, doesn't like people or needles.
    Username: kyda13
    other: howls for some odd reason, she doesn't know why.

    Name: jessica (jess)
    Age: 11
    gender: F
    Scientist/genetic splice: bat and squirrel
    personality: very scared yet tough, shy, bad temper
    Username: kyda13
    other: she has been in the lab for a very long time and was being tested when the others broke out, so she stayed behind, she became blind 4 years ago in an accident. she knows protocols and doesn't fight when it comes to tests and needles.

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