The Southern Chickadee

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    The Southern Chickadee

    A Brief Introduction

    Welcome fellow chicken lovers! I have created this page for two reasons, the first is for me! I want to log all of my experiences in raising my hens from “chickenhood” to “henhood.” The second is for you! I hope that by sharing my experiences you can learn from my mistakes, and hopefully my successes! I am learning a lot by reading Raising Chickens for Dummies, and by reaching out to members of, especially the ones who live near me. I will update this page as I continue forward from building my chicken coop to finding a reputable hatchery. I’m excited to begin this new journey in my life!

    The Coop

    Thursday, October 16, 2015

    Today, my husband took me to Lowe's to pick up some wood for the coop! Along with wood we got screws and a pair of gloves.

    Friday, October 17, 2015

    Today was the best day in chicken history, I assembled the wood we bought yesterday into the frame of my coop! There were a couple of hiccups, but none so devastating to report here (luckily!). All we have left to do is assemble the wiring and build the walls. I've uploaded a couple of pictures to document the process:



    Just for Fun

    The Best Treats for Chickens

    This is a list of everything you can feed a chicken. However, everybody's chickens have their own tiny brains full of likes and dislikes, so while one person's chickens may come running for grapes or watermelon, another person's chickens may turn up their pointy little beaks at it. Anything on this list is worth a try.

    Chicken Toys

    These are a couple of links to chicken toys like an apple "tetherball," blocks, a mini perch, a small tub of sand, worms and a lot more!

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    A good start!!!

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