The special Easter Egger

By chickenluver555 · Aug 2, 2013 · Updated Aug 3, 2013 ·
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    This is Buttercup. We have had a special bond ever since I got her from a local farm when she was just two days old. Buttercup and I are just the closest friends. I couldn't ask for a better hen. Now, she is 20 weeks old and has laid seven large green eggs, and they are just delicious. Since she was little, Buttercup always stood out. She was then chick who wanted all the attention, and had to eat all the food, and dirty up all the water bowls. She wanted it all. I got three Easter Egger chicks that day, Buttercup, Buttons and Brownie. They are sisters with completely different personalities! Buttercup is the most outgoing and brave of the three. Since day one she has been the leader of my little flock. Wherever she goes, her sisters will follow. I have enjoyed watching her mature and grow in her feathers, though her attitude has never changed. I did have a rooster scare with her at one point. For about a whole month, I was so worried that she was a rooster because she was so much larger than her sisters and her comb was so much bigger. I did so much research and started so many threads on BYC but I was never reassured that she was a hen. I could finally relax when she laid that egg. If she turned out to be a roo, I don't know what I would have done. Buttercup is so important to me, she is my best friend! I always laugh when I feed her clovers through the bars of her coop, because since it is her favorite treat, she takes all the clovers and doesn't let her sisters have any. That's my girl! She is assertive, bossy, and extremely greedy. But she is also very sweet and kind and such a great leader to her sisters. And that is why Buttercup, my Easter Egger, is so special to me.


    [​IMG] Brownie (20 weeks) was able to peck at the clovers when Buttercup wasn't looking. Brownie lays me blue eggs. She got this name because as a chick she was completely brown. But once her feathers came in I wanted to rename her, but I couldn't think of another one, so the name just kinda stuck.

    [​IMG] Buttons (20 weeks) is finally looking at the camera! Although she has a feather out of place near her tail. haha. She got upset about that when I showed her her picture and demanded I take another. Buttercup lays me light pink eggs.

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