The Spitzhauben Twins: Missy & Cassie

By Alexandra33 · Jun 2, 2016 · ·
  1. Alexandra33
    In March of this year, chicken math struck our family yet again. Before we knew it, we were making the roadtrip to pick up our Isbars from Brinkhaven Acres as well as stopping at Meyer afterwards for a Fayoumi and Spitzhauben (keep in mind that this is after I had received 15 bantams for my birthday). But as usual we got sucked into the wonderful world of "the overstock bin of joy!" So, instead of abiding by our original plan, we left with a Cream Legbar, 2 Fayoumis, and 2 Spitzhaubens. We've virtually no self-control when it comes to our bird problem, in case you can't tell. [​IMG] Immediately, Cassie began jumping out of their transport box into my lap repeatedly until I couldn't open the lid anymore, lest she somehow get lost in the car. It became apparent to me that those two little Spitz were on a level of orneriness/lovableness/quirkiness that I hadn't seen since Alex. And to this day, they have remained one of my very favorite breeds as well as a couple of my favorite girls in our flock. [​IMG]I personally feel that, given their stunning, unique look all their own, Spitz are incredibly underrated, and I would like to bring more attention to this fabulous breed. No flock is complete without two or ten!
    Cassie allowed for this silly shot. [​IMG]
    Beautiful Cassie
    Missy wasn't happy with a camera in her face.
    More Missy
    Our "hair club," minus Arlene (the other Cream Legbar)!
    A younger Cassie
    Missy's hair is absolutely insane!

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  1. CherriesBrood
    I love your article Alex! And BIG congratulations on CPOW! : D
  2. lcertuche
    My 7-year old grandson say you chick is awesome and we need some of these! I have to agree.
  3. BantyChooks
    Congrats on POW!
  4. TBirdsTheWord33
    Well, congratulations, Alex! As always, you find the most interesting angles to photograph the birds from. Hey, when Missy's hairdo started coming in so crazy, we really should have morphed her named into "Messy." Fitting, don't you think?
  5. RodNTN
    For me the 'scary places' are Tractor Supply and Co-op. Tractor supply had the cutest chicks in March! They had Bantams (they didn't say the exact breed), White Leghorn Pullets, Ducklings, Cornish Rocks, and Black Australorps. Co-op had too many breeds to list. I agree with you, its fun but dangerous. Now I'm reading about Old English Game bantams . . .
  6. Alexandra33
    @RodNTN ,that makes two of us! :p Chicken math is the best, albeit dangerous. Your example is spot-on, because we've done it ourselves! Our local Rural King and Tractor Supply are scary places to be during the Spring months. :D
    @NathanZee , thank you so much, buddy! *HUG* You're the best!
  7. NathanZee
    Congratulations on POW! Those are great photos!
  8. RodNTN
    I know everybody here has walked into a feed store full of dozens and dozens of chicks and you remember you don't have the room for any of them but nonetheless you pick out 5 or 6 and you say to yourself, "I have room for just 5 or 6 more." and then that following week (or in my case, the very next day!) you forgot to pick up some chick feed and you see they have stocked up on breeds you don't have and you are coming home with just, say, 6 or 7 more. And before you know it you are building ANOTHER coop to hold your 30 chickens! Don't you just love chicken math?
  9. RodNTN
    Don't worry Alex, when I get knew chickens I can take like 5o pictures of 1 bird!
  10. Wyorp Rock
    Love it!
    Your pictures make me smile :)
    Thank you for sharing your lovely girls with us.
  11. Alexandra33
    I know how chicken math is.... :) When you do get them, I would love to see pictures! Spitz are by far one of my very favorite breeds. In fact, I think I want to run outside now and give my girlies a hug just for the heck of it! :D
  12. RodNTN
    Yeah, even though I want more chicks now, I don't really have the room for them THIS year but maybe NEXT spring I'll get some silkies and spitzhaubens! I am defiantly looking at them! :):):)
  13. Alexandra33
  14. Alexandra33
    @RodNTN , that makes my day! :D I want nothing more than to bring attention to this breed, and the fact that you are wanting to get some really brings me so much joy. Ha ha, Cassie's my buddy, and Missy is a little grumpier. I'm sure it's obvious just by looking at their expressive faces! :p
  15. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  16. TwoCrows
    Awww....adorable!! :)
  17. RodNTN
    I love Missy's mean looks!
  18. RodNTN
    Now that you've posted this article I might just start looking into getting some spitzhaubens . . . Their beautiful and the way you described Cassie's personality I fell in love with her! She's beautiful, and perfect!
  19. RodNTN
    Awesome! Love the pictures!
  20. Alexandra33
    Thanks so much, guys! :D
  21. chicken19
    Wow! They are so pretty!
  22. chicken4prez
    Awesome! You should submit this for POW!
  23. Whittni
    Very cute!
  24. Cluckcluck1215
    So cool,Alex!

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