The sweet spring suprise
[FONT=arial black,avant garde]4/5/2010[/FONT] [FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Well ya know how some people see a baby and well go all mushy . You can kinda get the same affect on animals . Like when ya see piglets or kids or foals and even...... when ya see a baby spring chick. Well if you read my front page then you may have realized i have chickens ,7 hens and a roo.What's funny is i guss i just did'nt think i had enough of them ( but thats a silly notion, you can never have to many chcikens.heheh
4/6/2010 Well any way almost a year after we got our first 9 babie (had to give one away had gotten 2 roos) i decided that i wanted to have more of them seeing as that the 8 we have arn't producing enough eggs to keep up with our high demand of 7 eggs at breakfast for 4 (the guys at my hosue r piggies). So i got every thing i would need my box broder for them inside and the lamp and the water which i had bought the previouse year along with the feeder. all it took was getting my mom and step-dad to ok the mission. THAT MAY SOUND LIKE AN EASY TASK BUT DONT BE FOOLED IT WAS .... SUPER EASY task. as long as i would be the one to clean the box change there water twice a day and make sure they had constent supply of food..I wasent the one to argue i was gonna get babies.So a few days later on the 4th of march me and my brother whent o pick out our newset additions. we looked and looked and looked and finally we found our picks. we choose 1 speckled sussex, 4 rir, 1 cuckoo
maran,1 black australoup, 1 red star sex link . We put them in abox and hoped in to my brothers truck and brought them home. Once we got home we let them settle down and one by one put them in the broder. T hey were so cute it wasent hard to find your selfs drawn to them. wattching them play and jump around. One thing they dont tell ya when ya by them is taht there noisy . They never shush up but eventually around 10 pm they do and then at 10:01 there back at it. Day after we got them i was watching them and my mompointed out that oen of them layed down alot more then the rest and that there might be a problem. so i looked at here and it seemed that one of here legs ahd gotten hurt .So as soon as i could i jumped on the computer and heded to byc to see if i could find a soultion. i looked and looked and tell finally i decide if i posted a pic some one might know what wrong and then i could find a soultion to the problem so that just what i did i made an account and that was my first post.

Eventually someone replyed and told me that i should give her some poly - vi sol /wo iron. So that night i ran out to wally world and bought some relly expensive vit drops. 8$ a bottle.For a few night i gave her by droper 2 drops of poly vi sol and within 3-4 days she was up and starting to walk . i stoped giving her the drops the next day seeing as she was doing very well with out them . i watched her for the next few day to see that she was doing good and she made a full recovery in a week . i was so glad for a moment she was relly chirping like she was in pain and i was gona have to cull her but i didnt give up on her. she is my very special girl. for next few weeks they grew like crazy and turned in to big piggies.
the date on my camara isent set)

soon it got to the point were wll they were try to jump out and a few did and taht was taht we could have chcicks free roaming the house with them pooping and all so my brother free fashioned a metal top for the box.
That did stop them from flying out, but didnt stop them from peeking there lil heads out from time 2 time. Yet alst al things grow up and well soon ther were getting 2 big for the house and like the chicks befr it was time to hit the hot tub. We drug the hot tub from where we had stored it and filled it with the rest of the shaveing from the house. we hug there red light from a beam in the rafters and that wall it couldent fall in on them and it would be eaisly ajustable.We took the water and food and put them inthe tub then fix we fixed up some perchs for them to rooast on then the babies came. At first tehy freaked them they were ok now there out there running and squeaking like crazy lol.