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The Start Of A Succesful Chicken Business Hopefully

By rocketmail · Jun 4, 2012 ·
  1. rocketmail
    Describe ' the start of a succesful chicken business(hopefully)' here
    It all started when i got interested in raising chickens i talked to my dad and then i was the proud owner of 9 speckled sussex hens and a rhode island red rooster.the first chicken that i lost choked on a grub and then i lost 5 to a pair of foxes.yeah we sort of had a chicken massacre at my farm.so then i was left with a rooster and three emotionally scared hens.the man that sold us the 9 hens was generous enough to let me borrow 5 Rhode island red hens and his incubator.right this minute we have 19 chicken eggs with little teeny tiny embryos in them that are making their way towards the day when they can hatch.we also have some donated guinea eggs(4) and are also in the incubator feeling nice and toasty(hopefully).

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