The Story of Henny & Tink

Some folks prefer their fowl of different kinds not be together, but this was a friendship formed of which was needed at the time.
By The Angry Hen · Nov 26, 2017 · ·
  1. The Angry Hen

    Hello everybody,

    I am sorry if this is in the incorrect article category to post this in, I could no longer find the one "My Birds" so I can't create this there at the moment.

    So in 2010:

    We started raising our first ever fowl, the Guineafowl. We only turned out with seven and as time went on, we sadly lost six. Ending up with one by the name of Henny, he began to grow lonely. Henny is male, but named Henny since he helped the others hatch when him and his siblings were hatching.
    Before he started to be lonely, we got chickens in 2012 which was even before the rest of the losses. The one rooster was infertile, so we got another flock. As time went on, a broody hen was sitting on 18 eggs. She gave up on 17 since she hatched one chick and needed to care for it.
    We went out to the coop and had candled the last eggs of whom were cold, without a Mother.
    Finally as we tossed the bad ones, we ran into a peeping and moving, fully developed chick, almost prepared to pip in the egg.



    And there we go, I hatched that cold egg inside my bedroom and raised her for nearly six monthes.

    Since she was getting large and needed to be with others of her kind, we brought her outside. Nothing but fights with the other flocks! She was merely thrown out by everyone in the barn.
    This hen was Tink. Tink is so sweet, she'll follow everyone and loves to be petted, she lays the biggest and best eggs. Very constant layer.
    The only one who excepted Tink was lonely ole' Henny...



    They are now good friends and roam the barn alone and together. Henny is no longer in need of a friend, Tink is no longer in need of the proper family.

    Henny walks up and cleans Tink's feathers, Tink follows Henny around and looks out the barn window with him. True friendship.

    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Good evening and God bless!

    -The Angry Hen

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  1. peckpeckpeck
    Sweet story!
    Hope you post more pix of dear Henny & Tink together as their friendship evolves
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    1. The Angry Hen
      Thank you! Yes, I'll be sure to update! :)
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