The Story Of Olive The Hen Who Has Funny Nests!

By roostersandhens · Mar 6, 2013 · Updated Aug 3, 2013 · ·
  1. roostersandhens
    I have a Black Australorp hen named Olive! All of her freinds had started laying but her. But oneday I noticed she was not with the other chickens. I could not find her anywhere! I saw a black dot at the bottom of a very small hill. I thought ''That cant be her but I will check anyway''. So I walked down there and it was her! I was so happy to see her because I was so worried.
    She was just getting up because she had been lying down and she begin sqauking. She stood up and walked away. I looked where she had been sitting and I say about 10 eggs sitting in the spot. I realised it was a nest. She had been laying all along! I took the eggs. I let my chickens in the house alot. So 6 of my chickens came in the house Olive and 5 others. All the chicken wanted out after about 10 minuts exept Olive. She walked to the house ofice and flew onto the desk. There was a jacket on the desy so she sat on it and layed an egg. She did that for 2 days. She decided to find a new nest since her eggs kept dissapearing. She moved to one of the couches in my house. She had her nest there for about 2 or 3 weeks! She walked outside oneday and must have somehow told her best freind Herki about the nest because Herki started laying there she did for 1 week. Olive switched nests again. She moved to a different couch in a different room! After she had that nest for about a week or 2 I decided to see if she was broody. I left the eggs there and after there was 14 eggs in the nest she sat there. She sat on the eggs all night and then around 10:00 in the morning she got up to take a break. She did not want to come back. She left the eggs then at 4:00 at night she decided to come back. She then sat there and never got off. I was worried the eggs were dead from when she left them. She sat there or 21 days I woke up early on the 21st day I say NOTHING! No chicks. So I decided to go on BYC. I came back 20 minutes later still nothing but Olive. I never looked under her I just waited for popping out heads. I came back 20 min. later still nothing. I did that about 6 times. Then I walked in the room 2 little chicks one gray one black were popping there cute little heads out I was so exited! 10 hatched! Today there names are Bumblebee, Licorice, Gandi, Trooper, Moose, Goose, Garbonzo, Snapple, Noodle, and Hoot. They are all still chicks and love to be held and to be with their mom, Olive! Olive just started laying again and her new nest is on the counter in my kichen! Here is a picture of the chick Bumblebee the day she hatched!
    And this is Hoot!



    Hope you like the story!

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  1. reggiehaft
    I have a hen that has taken up on top of my dryer in the laundry room.
  2. Sandstorm495
    Good story-very cute!
  3. chick lovers
    WWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so cute.
  4. Boneheadeb
    Chickens IN the house...??
  5. Nutcase
    Aw cute!
  6. dezziy
    omg little bumblebee is SOOOOO cute!!!!
  7. feathers flying
    Thats Awesome....
  8. Winter Chicken
    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
  9. roostersandhens
    Ooops I just realised I wrote las instead of lays.
  10. ChickenPeep
    What a cute story! Love it! :)
  11. roostersandhens
    Bush chicken yes I do have other pets i the house. 4 dogs and one cat. I have outdoor pets too.
  12. chart
    Fantastic story! I loved it!
  13. MikeWu
    I'd love to see one of my hens hatching little chicks. Hope some day that will happen.
    If you let chickens into your house, how do you deal with their poops? Birds are not like mammals who can control their pee and poop.
  14. Bush Chickens
    that is SO AWESOME. do you have any other pets?? dont they bother the chickens?
  15. roostersandhens
    If you have qeustions about Olive join us on the Olive thread! It is called my hen las eggs on the indoor couch!
  16. roostersandhens
  17. Chicks Galore3
    Aw, I love the chicks!

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