The Tank

  1. bubba1358
    "The Tank" is what my wife calls it.
    It's a 10-foot-by-6-foot, metal-paneled, movable coop, with handles, wheels, nest boxes, roosts, and a hardware cloth floor.

    Here is The Tank right after being built:

    Here it is with my chicks in their movable pasture:

    Some of the notable features include:
    • Locking double doors for egg collection
    • Locking ramp for getting in and out
    • Ventilation in the upper peak of the roof
    • Roosting space for up to 40 (tightly squeezed) chickens
    • 6 nest boxes, including two at 18" by 18" to accommodate my Jersey Giants
    • Totally sealed interior via locking doors, hardware cloth on the floors and wheel wells, and sheet metal paneling
    • A place to hang a nipple waterer on the inside
    • Mountain bike wheels and handles for easy moving
    • A hardware cloth floor for

    The walls are 3' and 5' high, respectively. The roof ended up being just about 7' long, and I built in some overhang. It's not that heavy, and with the well-oiled bike wheels, very easy to move. Also, the metal colors match my shed and house. :)

    The complete guide to how I built it, including materials list, is here:


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  1. nannie
    ok very unique enjoy your chickens

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