The Three Stooges Chicks

By chicksusie · Jun 16, 2012 ·
  1. chicksusie
    Describe 'The Three Stooges chicks!' here: We have four chicks in all. Larry,Moe,Curly and Shemp! My six year old LOVES the Stooges! One is a rooster and we cannot keep him..he will be going to a farm so thats good and we can visit him! Our three that are left are a month and Three weeks old! They've gotten so big so quickly!! They all have their own little personalities! We got two of them from my son's school. The kindergarten class does a unit on chickens and they were born in the classroom! The two Rhode Island Reds we got from a neighbor and are the younger two of our flock. Will have some pic's posted soon!

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