1. Silkies
They are soft and fluffy. Silkies are also one of the cutest chicken breeds. Most silkies end up looking more like a stuffed animal. This makes them very appealing to children! Some Silkies have “beards” which almost totally obscure their faces, while others are beardless. With their bright blue earlobes, a fifth toe on each foot, a super sweet personality and an appreciation for being held and petted, you can’t help but find them adorable.

2) Speckled Sussex
Large chickens can be wonderfully friendly also! The Speckled Sussex is a fairly large (roosters can weigh up to 8 pounds while hens weigh about 6 pounds) but beautiful chicken. It has a single comb, and its feet are free of feathers. Hens have reddish brown feathers with black and white “speckling” which gives the breed its name. Each feather has a white tip, and the amount of speckles varies from chicken to chicken. They’re curious, the first to check out new situations, absolutely love attention, and are intelligent, mellow pets. As mature birds, they like to be held, stroked, and talked to. They may even follow you around. Speckled Sussex are tops on the list of backyard friendly breeds, often too large to have as ‘inside’ chickens, yet friendly enough to be outside pets!

3) Buff Orpington
his is a friendly breed, often termed the “Golden Retriever” of chickens. They make good outdoor pets for families, schools, or clubs. In fact, it is recommended that you get Buff Orpingtons if you have children that enjoy playing with the flock.

4) Rhode Island Red
They’re one of the easiest chickens to keep, super gentle, are comfortable being held, and do well with children. In general, Rhode Island Reds are people-lovers and comfortable with human contact, as well as having the bonus of also being friendly with other members of their own flock. Finally, Reds are cold hardy, and will lay eggs for you all year round.

5) Conchin
Cochins are one of the largest breeds of chickens you will ever have in your chicken coop. These gentle giant hens weigh in at about 8 pounds while the roosters can often tip the scales at about 11 pounds (they can often look even more substantial than that because of their very fluffy feathers). Despite their large size, Cochins will be also be some of the calmest and friendliest birds in your flock, making them great lap chickens :).

6) Wyandotte
Wyandottes are classified as a dual purpose breed, so they are not particularly small birds. They are generally amiable and docile birds that are also quite easily handled. A beautifully feathered breed, Wyandottes also bear confinement well and are particularly cold hardy.

7) Australorp
Australorps are the Australian take on the western Orpington breed (“Austrail-orp”). They are a medium sized breed, mostly known for their egg-laying productivity. They are generally calm, peaceful, dignified, and friendly, and excellent layers of light brown eggs.

8) Easter Eggers
“Easter Eggers” are not actually a true breed. They are incredibly popular hybrids of Araucana and Ameraucana chicken heritage that are particularly prized for the unusual colors of their eggs; blue, green, olive, aqua, even pink. These chickens are great egg producers, and they don’t appear to mind being confined so they’re very easy to care for. In general, Easter eggers are very friendly, easy going, and calm, and often enjoy sitting on the laps of their caretakers.

9) Faverolles
Faverolles are often primarily described as ‘sweet’. They are a breed that is so gentle and social with people as well as other chickens

10) Jersey Giant
Jersey Giant chickens are very friendly, calm and docile breed. Of particular note with this breed is they are also very friendly with other varieties of birds and even other pets.

11. Barred Rock

Barred rocks are cuddled and sweet, they lay a lot of eggs. Barred rocks are very social (mine let's me hold her) they are curious and love their famiky. Barred rocks are a great addition to your flock, they are also very beautiful chickens.
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