welcome to my Page!! Hi,and
My name is Cheyenne,I am a proud owner of show quality Bantam black sumatras,Bantam Phoenixes,Araucanas and Malays! Some of my turkens are show quality,yet others are not (Since some are hatchery and others are from breeders) We have a bunch of "purebred" pens,although a few showbirds are in the "mixed" pen. I also have some Ameraucanas,Easter Eggers,Showgirls,Silkies,and our own little breed called "RB's" or Random Bantams. They go broody a little bit under a year and are VERY good mothers.So far..I have about 70-80 chickens.
Current chicken count-
10 Black Tailed Buff Japanese mixes
1 hatchery splash cochin
2 Modern Games
4 Sebrights
2 Bantam EE's
4 Old English Games
5 Bantam Sumatra
5 Bantam Malay
7 Large Golden and Silver Phoenix
1 Bantam White Leghorn

2 Silkies
2 Showgirls
5 Bantam Araucanas
7 Bantam Phoenix
2 Standard Delewares
12 Standard Naked Necks
5 Standard Ameraucanas
6 Bantam White and Columbian Rocks
1 Standard Barred Rock
2 Standard Orps.
2 Black Japanese mixes
1 Bantam Rhode Island Red
11 Seramas!

Phew! That's 17 breeds of chicken!!

I have taken my chickens to shows before,and they have done fairly well. (Best of Breed,Variety,Class,Reserve in Breed,Variety,Class and even 4th place out of 100 chickens.) I mostly focus on bantams. Other than being a crazy chicken person,I'm pretty much a homeschooler who is obsessed with drawing,writing,school,BYC and of course,anime! ( Mostly FMA and Hetalia. XD If it isn't obvious already,my favorite characters are Greed,Kimblee,Ling,Russia,and Germany.
Although Ed,Scar
,and Roy
are pretty awesome,too. )
~Cheyenne AKA The Turken Lady.