The two new little 'Ladies' that I added to my flock yesterday(10/11/10) are named "Elly" and "May". geeze... think of them as the Clampets.
Both girls are from the city of Buffalo NY. I adopted them from the wonderful people of the Buffalo SCPA. After the 300 mile round trip getting them home, I let them loose in a little area of my coop that I had for them. They are so fragile, thin and small. But so sweet!
Elly is the stronger of the two. She was found living under a porch and was rescued. Looks to be in good health.
May, the weaker of the two has a malformed beak. She seems to be able to eat, drink, etc. just fine though. She had a tether tied around her one leg. Looked like maybe someone had her tied by the leg to something to keep her. (like a lead or something?) She is small, pale but seems to be ok. She was found wandering around the streets of Buffalo loose with the tether tied to her.
This is May.

This is Elly. I know, bad photos. (from the cell phone)

May found the scratch bucket first! ALthough she had NO IDEA what to do with grass and dandilions, she knew the scratch.

Elly was quick to the regular food though.

They both enjoyed the ride home with me i think. Elly hung her head out of the box and watched as traffic went by. I swear she was smiling.


yummy... an entire can of scratch!!!!!

Elly has started using the dust bath!!!!! YIPPY!!!!!! (10/16/10)


May has finally learned what the 'green stuff' is for. Last night she actually perched and slept with the 'big girls'. Her and Elly are finally part of the group.

11/4/10 They are doing GREAT!!! Elly is totally one of the pack now, they treat her as an equal and she isnt so snotty to them anymore. She has gained weight, feathers are shiney and she looks like your average hen. a good girl too! She leaves me an egg a day.


May is my comedian, She is a nutcase. The others were pushing her out for awhile, but just last night they let her in between them to roost, she learned to scratch with them, and she actually followed the rest of the crowd around the yard. She is my baby. I had a hard time even stopping her from scratching to get a hug in before she went to bed!

awwww May May May..... such a dirty girl... She is a never ending ball of fun!




Think she actually likes the hair dryer!

Uh, yea, Elly decided to show the others how to handle the two feet of snow we got.

May and her 'boyfriend' enjoy the cold it seems. well, maybe that's because they get warm oatmeal afterwards!

or maybe because i shoveled half the dang yard for them.

May lost her BR boyfriend over the winter. It was sad. but, she has gotten a lot more social with 'Bird and the others now.She is FAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I let my rescue girly girl get fat. Oh well, she deserves it I guess. She still does not lay any eggs for me, but her bawk bawk is enough to keep me happy.
Here she (May) is on Feb. 24,2011 at my bird feeder. She is just sooooo happy!


8/18/2011 - Seems she likes to ride in my truck!!!