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By rnchick74 · May 28, 2014 · Updated Jun 9, 2014 · ·
  1. rnchick74
    6/7/14 - Here is the latest pic of Brownie & Coco: [​IMG] They are almost 3 weeks old here & growing fast!

    5/28/14 - I just purchased 2 baby silkies! Buff, non-bearded silkies from a local breeder outside Louisville. They are approximately 1.5 weeks old (so approximate hatch is around May 16-18, 2014). I'm hoping at least 1 is a female. I can have roos in my area, but since my neighbors are so close, it's not recommended.


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  1. mrsabbott
    So cute! I am from Jeffersonville, IN.. practically spent my entire teenage years in Louisville! Currently live in Radcliff! I am loving your blog and pics! Your coop is SO CUTE!
  2. rnchick74
    Thanks! I'm pretty excited!
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