We’re going to explore the best healthy treats for chickens, and share what you definitely shouldn’t be feeding to your birds!
Chickens can be the best little beggars you’ve ever seen! Try having a picnic outside while your chickens are running free. You’ll be spending more time moving chickens off the table than you will eating!
Chickens love treats and will eat just about anything you’re willing to give them. But, what treats for chickens are the best?

The Very Best Healthy Treats for Chickens:
While you can feed your chickens a wide variety of foods, these are considered to be the most nutritious and enjoyable treats for chickens.
Vegetables and Fruit
Your flock should be getting a wide variety of fruits and veggies to ensure good health. Favorites include: Leafy greens, watermelon, pumpkins, broccoli, bananas, and tomatoes. There are a few that are off limits, however. We’ll cover that at the end.
Meat scraps are perfectly fine for chickens, and a good source of protein if they can’t find insects to eat. We feed our flock leftover meat from the fridge, or meat that managed to get freezer burned.
Yogurt is a great treat for chickens, and as a bonus, it helps even out the bacteria in their guts, making it easier to digest food. Feed them plain yogurt, they don’t need the added sugar in other types.
Insects (Especially Mealworms)
Feeding bugs to chickens is very entertaining and satisfying, especially when the bugs you’re feeding them were just in your garden, eating your tomato leaves. Insects are a great source of protein for chickens, and they just love them.

Chickens can hunt for their own insects while free-ranging, or you can provide them by digging them out of the soil or pulling them from plants. Dried mealworms can be purchased from the feed store, bought on Amazon, or raised in your own home, if you’re not the squeamish type.

Chicken Scratch

Some people believe that chicken scratch is a meal in itself. It’s certainly not. Scratch is mostly made up of corn and is to be fed only as a treat. We use it in the winter to keep chickens occupied during the day and help them put on a little insulating fat.
Flock Block

The Flock Block is the perfect chicken treat. Full of nutrient dense seeds and grains, this treat is held together with suet. One block will last a small flock several weeks, and will not only serve as a snack but as a boredom buster as well.
Sunflower Seeds

Black oil sunflower seeds are highly nutritious and a favorite chicken snack. They can be purchased at your local feed store or online.

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