~June 8, 2009~
Finished the coop, yea !!!! Still need to build the run but I am super happy with how it turned out, here are some pics...


Without paint and still at my friends house. At our house w/ 2 coats of paint Feeder and waterer in - the sections will be filled with wood pellets
view of nesting box and gate to the garden. Cant believe I found opps paint to match The waterer (in white) is made for pigeons - I LOVE IT !


Roosts and second level from inside and the plexi window

I covered the entire under side with hardware cloth today, what a job that is. More pics later.... cheers

~May 31, 2009~
Started working on the coop today with my beautiful friends. We got way more done then we expected, here are a few updates...
pop door, my friends finger
Plexi-glass window for our viewing pleasure
Lower level, finishing walls. The nesting box will go into that hole
My beautiful friend and the start of the 2nd story for roosting area and skylight
Painted nesting box. I found this color on the oops shelf at the paint store, quite the score...

~May 26, 2009~
The Wooden Egg is the name of our soon to be built chicken coop....... Pics and plans to follow soon...