Hello from Staten Island, NY. My friends & family think I'm nuts keeping chickens. I'm hooked! I started building my NYC backyard coop & run around the first of July, 2007. I am almost finished. I have 1 Black Australorp (4 weeks old) so far so I don't know what sex it is. I hope its a hen because roos are illegal in NYC. Six day-old hens are coming the first week of August. Update...As of October 2007 the black austrlorp turned out to be a roo...he is now soup. The big news is the 7 hens started laying the second week of January, 2008!! The eggs taste great.
Well, everything was going fine...about 6 eggs everyday! But they started moulting in early December 08 and no more eggs!! Can't wait till they start laying again!

DSCF4017.jpg DSCF4205.jpg