After 4 years of marriage my wonderful husband finally built me a chicken coop. We love having these beautiful creatures pecking around our yard all day. We are blessed to have 35 acres and a fenced in apple orchard so we decided to build the coop ont he edge of the orchard. It started out as 8x10 and we also insulated it due to the extremely cold winters here in Luck, WI. After giving it alot of thought my husband suggested we install electric as well so we could keep them warm with a brooder lamp since we wanted to get them out in the coop at 4 weeks old. It worked like a charm and the automatic door opener and automatic chicken waterer we purchased on the McMurray Hatchery website works awesome. Hope you enjoy the pics of the chicks and coop. They are 9 weeks old now and we have 2 Aracaunaa, 4 buff brahmas, 2 silver laced cochins, 2 mille fleurs, 4 golden laced polish, 3 buff laced polish, 1 black tailed Japanese bantam, 5 Plymouth barred rocks and 1 I don't know yet what it is...ha ha