Basic Info

Hey everyone,
here is everything you could know about my chickens. I have two RIR, Flower and Sassy, 3 NHR, Molly, (noted below) Pippa and Sylvia, 2 australorps, Renee and Chachie, (Cha-Cha) , two BR, Seyda and Six, one white leghorn, Amelia (current queen and smartest/most inquisitive chicken in the flock) two BO, Lady and Yolada, (a.k.a. the best lap-chickens ever!) and finally, eight EE pullets named Abigail, Britney, Tessa, Sooty, Sary (short for Sahara, Sary rhymes with Mary) and Emily. We two unnamed with the names Rebecca,Laura, Henreitta and Kayla floating around. They all live together. We have no rooster.


RIP Elenor, you were killed and eaten by a Fisher Cat before you were even old enough to lay. My one and only White Rock. We will miss you forever.

RIP Lily, my only Red Star, you started out the morning limping and slept in my arms for three hours and wouldn't move or walk around unless propelled. You passed on 4 o'clock that afternoon. If anyone has any ideas on what could have killed her, PM me for more info.

RIP Scooter, our big Golden Retriever, I barely noticed your presence until you were gone. You were my mom's dog, and forever will be.

* If you own Goldens, please PM me! They are my favorite breed.*


Morgan, our Jersey Giant has disappeared without a trace. We think our neighbors dog killed her and when the owners heard the commotion, they brought the dog inside and cleaned up the feathers and body.
She will be moved to the RIP list after one week. Ay theories? Please PM me!

We now have 9 girls laying!!

I will write a story as soon as I figure out how to post a new thread.
Again, please PM me if you know how.


I don't have one yet. If you wanna be friends, please PM me!

Intersting Story

Molly was clawed by a Fisher Cat in her shoulder, so deep that you could see the chicken inside of her. We seperated her and she showed no sign of unhappiness. She simply wandered around, being Molly, and to this day, we wonder about how she survived. We blu-koted her 3 times a day and medicated her water. She steadily grew better, and after going on vacation twice at our Cape House, she now runs to you if you clap your hands and call her name. She is now the best bird we have around people and is a family favorite. For pics, go to . She has no progressed to being vicous/trying to eat the pullets! I have to remind her that we had to protect her from the other birds once too.

Thanks for reading!