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My chicken addiction began in December 2008 when, for some reason I decided I wanted to grow my own eggs. After spending a couple of months reading everything I could find at the library and on the web (Yay BYC!), I began my chicken campaign with my husband. Being the wonderful man that he is, he agreed ("Sigh, oh, alright!") This was the beginning of his becoming my enabler. I would have been perfectly happy to make my coop in the small back room of our storage shed and put together a pen from whatever leftover odds and ends I could scrounge up, but not my man. He insisted on making it bigger, better and "Bronerized" (i.e. three times as sturdy as necessary). Who was I to disagree? And, of course, I "only want a few hens for eggs" - HA! I have twelve pullets and one rooster and am already plotting what other breeds of hatching eggs to buy as I talk my husband into building me an incubator! My husband was the first to suggest I go ahead and use the (larger) remaing back room of our storage shed for a second coop so I could have more chickens. What a man!


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